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  • Jadasite 2.05.01

    JadaSite is for Java as Magento or Prestashop is to PHP.A powerful and complete e-commerce platform for allowing webmasters to sell their physical or digital products and services via the Internet. Here are some key features of "JadaSite":· Admi

  • Aj Lms

    As the name hints, AJ LMS is a LMS - learning management system - for managing courses, classes and teaching schedules.It helps webmasters run online courses for various activities, schedules and tutorial practices. Here are some key features of "AJ

  • Magneato Cms 1.3

    By default, the CMS is very simplistic, but developers can easily extend it with extra functionality.Magneato stores its data in a NoSQL key/value store.Security and users management is handled via the Spring framework.Installation:1. Unpack download

  • Brix Cms 1.2.3 / 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT

    Brix CMS is based on Wicket and JCR.It is not a CMS per se, but more of a framework for developing Java CMSs and applications. Here are some key features of "Brix CMS":· Plugin architecture· Template engine· Reusable tiles (blocks)

  • Walrus Cms 1.5.0

    Can be used from big corporate sites to small personal portfolio sites. Here are some key features of "Walrus CMS":· Point and click editing· Drag and drop· Undo / redo· RSS feeds· Multi user· Multisite· Easily exte

  • Jease 2.9

    Jease is easy to install, use and extend, being built on some of the best Java open-source tools around (Lucene, ZK, db40, Perst, etc.). Here are some key features of "Jease":Jease content types:· Access: Allows to protect contents with login/pa

  • Openprodoc 0.7 BETA

    Comes with a web client and quick installation toolkit.The install reffers to the repository installation, administration, and thickclient, which are indispensable, while the Web client referrs to the J2EE application. Here are some key features of "

  • Activiti 5.12.1

    At its core is a super-fast and rock-solid BPMN 2 process engine for Java. Activiti was designed to run in the cloud, Java application, on a server or on a cluster.It integrates perfectly with Spring, it is extremely lightweight and based on simple c

  • Daisy Cms 2.4.2

    It is a standalone repository server, with an HTTP/XML interface, and a Wiki-like, WYSIWYG editing and publishing web application front-end.Daisy CMS is developed on Kauri, a REST-centric web application development platform. Here are some key featur

  • Vosao Cms 0.9.14

    The main advantage of this product is that it works on Google App Engine platform for Java, a free cloud-based hosting solution. Here are some key features of "Vosao CMS":· Back-end localization for plugins.· Forgot password feature.·

  • Animal Shelter Manager 2.7.1

    The applciation was written in Java and uses either MySQL, PostgreSQL or HSQL as database environments. Here are some key features of "Animal Shelter Manager":General Features:· Full animal, owner and movement management· Medical treatments

  • Openquote 1.4SP1

    OpenQuote addresses the insurance niche with an advanced and feature rich open-source product. Here are some key features of "OpenQuote":· Generate insurance quotations· Admin panel· Easy to install· Manage multiple business ventu

  • Freenet 0.7

    Freenet is free software which lets you publish and obtain information on the Internet without fear of censorship. To achieve this freedom, the network is entirely decentralized and publishers and consumers of information are anonymous. Without anony

  • Opencms 8.5.1

    Perfect for building Intranet, Extranet or plain Internet sites.OpenCms can then be used in maintaining and managing the created site and its content.Using OpenCms is fully browser-based, coming with a full-blown admin panel, enabling moderators to c

  • Gx Webmanager

    GX WebManager is an Enterprise Web Content Management system. Based on a J2EE architecture, using open technologies like Spring, JCR and OSGi. It's designed to respond faster to the ever changing requirements of business and IT. Deploy new web compon

  • Apache Lenya 2.0.4

    It offers features like revision control, multi-site management, scheduling, WYSIWYG editors, search and workflow. Here are some key features of "Apache Lenya":Authoring:· Browser-based WYSIWYG Editors are provided that validate input against a

  • Openedit

    OpenEdit is an open source content management system made for web professionals. The key elements are: - online editing of your web application. - all the modern technologies (eCommerce, blog, image archive, etc.) come standard with every deployment.

  • Dotcms 2.3

    dotCMS is one of the best Java-based web CMS.It was built upon the acclaimed Liferay portal. Here are some key features of "dotCMS":· Plugins· Themes· Admin panel· Syndication features· WURFL optimization· HTML5 support&

  • Contelligent 9.1.13

    Contelligent is a next generation component-based Web Content Management solution. It has lots of features, supports open standards and provides openness by a powerful package mechanism for individual development and providers of contelligent extensi

  • Hippo Cms 7.8

    It's targeted at medium to large organizations for managing content in a multi-channel distribution network.Hippo CMS facilitates an open and flexible way of using an information by following international accepted open standards.It keeps data inside

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