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  • Autobahnandroid 0.5.1

    WAMP stands for WebSocket Application Messaging Protocol and is a communications subprotocol. RPC and PubSub are two of the WAMP messaging patterns.Check out similar libraries for the WAMP protocol:AutobahnJSAutobahnPython Here are some key feat

  • Apache Wave

    Wave is a rich, distributed, near-real-time collaboration platform, initially developed by Google, now an Apache Foundation project.Apache Wave contains a Java implementation of the Google Wave Federation Protocol and a prototype server, web, and con

  • Apache Kafka 0.7.2

    Just like Facebook's Scribe tool, Kafka can be used for processing large amounts of streaming data. It can basically handle all kind of activity stream data and processing on a consumer-scale website.This activity includes page views, searches, and o

  • Apache Qpid 0.20

    AMQP is the first open standard for Enterprise Messaging.Apache Qpid implements the latest AMQP specification and to be 100% compliant.Qpid provides message brokers written in C++ and Java, along with clients for C++, Java JMS, .Net, Python, and Ruby

  • Messadmin 5.3

    It allows the admin of an app to see session details in real-time, and even send messages to the session users via browser popups.MessAdmin can be added to any Java EE application, just by editing the web.xml file, with no need to edit the app itself

  • Hornetq 2.2.14.Final / 2.3.0.CR1

    It is a high performance enterprise grade messaging system from the JBoss community.HornetQ is an example of Message Oriented Middleware (MoM). Here are some key features of "HornetQ":· Written in Java - HornetQ runs on any platform with a Java

  • Ffmq 1.2.5

    The Java Message Service (JMS) is a messaging system that allows application components based on the J2EE platforms to create, save, send, receive, and read messages.FFMQ internally follows the JMS 1.1 object model. This is a main difference with mos

  • Achecker 1.3

    It reviews the accessibility of web pages, based on a variety international accessibility guidelines and criteria.Website developers can use it to detect accesability loopholes and improve their websites, so as many user categories as possible can ac

  • Sendsms 0.3.2

    This program lets you send SMS messages to any phone in the world if you have a clickatell account. Features: - Secure https connection to clickatell server - Addressbook - Easy to use interface - Account balance information - History of sent message

  • Rad Card 1.0.0

    The Rad Inks card Designer is a communication tool. A tool that allows your website's visitors to convey the design they have in mind across to you. Most internet users do not have access to sophisticated Desktop Publishing Software or they are not t

  • Claros Intouch 2.2b

    Claros inTouch is an Ajax communication suite with key features such as webmail, address book, post-it notes, calendar (in progress), webdisk (in progress), built-in instant messenger and rss reader. It is the first open source web application which

  • Rsms/ucp

     This Java component will allow your Java applications to send Sms messages using the UCP protocol. The component can deliver the messages to a SMSC (Short Message Service Centre) using: - a dial up connection (requires an analog Modem and a tel

  • Rsms/tap Component 1.0

    RSMS/TAP is a Java[TM] component that allows to send a Short Message (SMS) to a mobile phone or pager by connecting to a SMS Centre (SMSC) using the Telelocator Alphanumeric Protocol (TAP, also called IXO). The component is ready to be used. You will

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