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  • Apache Openmeetings 2.1.0

    Includes support for webcam video and microphone audio. Here are some key features of "Apache OpenMeetings":· Video conferencing tool· Audio conferencing tool· Send IMs· Whiteboard tool· Collaborative document editing· U

  • Java Chat Lite

    This script allows you to run a Java chat without Java being installed on your server. This script is now free and available for download. This is NOT an http refresh script, it is a Java Applet. Without having to use Java on the server side, th

  • Mucacha

    Mucacha is a multi-cast chat system that runs without a server.It is very useful on lan parties, smaller or bigger, without the need of an extra server or other requirements except a computer with at least java runtime 1.4.

  • Addonchat

    AddonChat is full featured, real-time Java Chat Software that embeds seamlessly into your web site. Adding a chat room sets your site apart, giving visitors the opportunity to interact with you and each other — turning your site into a true onl

  • Babylon Chat 2.1

    Babylon Chat is a Java client/server combination which can be used to chat over the Internet or local networks. Anyone can run a Babylon client or server, so you can host lots of guests on your own computer, or you can join in on someone else's sessi

  • Garaxi Chat 2.2

    Garaxi Chat allows you to deploy a full featured chat system on your website.Main Features:- GUI features. - New GUI design that look and feel like MacOS 9. - Improve images loading speed by separate applet from emoticons and avatars. Now you can put

  • Havchat 3.4

    havChat is a commercial java chat server software application. It includes several java chat applet clients ranging in size from approximately 37 to 109 KB. (tracker applets are, of course, smaller - 14-17 KB). Features:Additional Character Encodings

  • Webvideo

    Main Features:System architecture: - 100% Java-based server-side architecture - Pure Java 1.1.8 Applet for client-side video and audio. - Professional performer console, based on MFC and written in Visual C environment. - GSM audio encoding - System

  • Pjirc 2.1.1

    PJIRC is a very complete Java IRC Client. It can be run from an applet, but can also be executed from any "stand alone" java virtual machine. Here is a non-exhaustive list of its features: - Highlight support - ASL handling - Graphical bitmap used fo

  • Coolsmile

    Coolsmile is a friendly chat client software, derived from Eteria IRC project, that connects on IRC chat servers.It can be used by webmasters as a webchat applet, or by end-users as application. It is free for use to anyone. You can spread it, change

  • Java Chat Pro

    Java Chat combines the advantages of persistent internet connection (Java applet) with customizable HTML/CSS interface. Server-side script is written for PHP/MySQL. Integration with third-party membership systems: the script can be configured to vali

  • Java Chat

    Java Chat combines the advantages of persistent internet connection (maintained by Java applet) with customizable HTML/CSS interface. Server-side script is written for PHP/MySQL. Integration with third-party membership systems: the script can be conf

  • Jzchat 1.12

    This is the jzChat servlet (free). This servlet performs a 100% HTML/JavaScript chatroom. Guest users just have to enter a nickname for chatting. They can choose chat's look&feel. Private messages are allowed. Root user chooses chatroom's name a

  • Jchatbox 2.6

    jChatBox is a JSP™ Chat Application. Server side needs JSP/Servlet™ support. Client side could be HTML/JavaScript, Applet or Flash. Basically, jChatBox includes three HTML/JavaScript skins. It supports private messages. System user can op

  • Web Voice Chat 1.2

    Web Voice Chat is nice tool for voice/text communication on the web sites. It can be used: - in the distance learning web based applications for voice/text communication between teacher and students; - on the e-commerce web sites for voice communicat

  • Claros Chat 1.0

    Claros Chat is a full featured Jabber client for the web. It is the same stand alone chat client which is built into the inTouch communications suite. Claros Chat is well tested with Google Talk and it supports all major browsers such as Internet Exp

  • Justchat 1.0

    JustChat is a simple lighweight web-based chat interface. JustChat is a small java applet that uses the internet connection to connect distant users to one another through the server, via the standard HTTP protocoll, using constant repetitive GET req

  • Bribble

    Bribble is a platform that consists of several tools to provide your website with chat-sessions. The BRIBBLE-tools are: - the BRIBBLE-server that runs on a web-server - the BRIBBLE-chatbox which is opened by a user and is used to connect to the serve

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