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  • Goetz's Banner 2.0

    Goetz's Banner is a Shareware Applet. With Goetz's Banner you can create an animated banner on your page. The images zoom in as they change. You can have different URLs for each image, or let them all link to the same URL. The ads can be shuffled, or

  • Billboard Java Applet

    Billboard Java Applet allows you to rotate banners on your website. It provides many customizable effects and is very easy ro install and use.

  • Acoola 1.6

    Acoola is a Java applet that displays your animated images or banners with nice looking transition effects. Every image has associated click URL and, once clicked, a new window opens the new location. The applet can be used for site navigation or for

  • Advanced Multiple Advert Banner

    Advanced Multiple Advert Banner is a flexible, powerful advertisement banner applet, allowing you to display numerous advertisements in one location on your site, freeing up space for real site content !Features: - Allows an infinite number of a

  • Reystar Coolbanner

    This applet takes any number of banners (468x60) and rotates them in order using different  transitional effects to hide one and display the next. The user of this applet can set the number of banners to be rotated, the speed of the transitional

  • Advertiser

    Advertiser is a suite of applets displaying a scrolling flag and pennant effects. This, the demo version can be configured to display a message or advertisement in text on the body of the flag. The result, even in this cut-down version can

  • Advanced Fading Text

    Advanced Fading Text allows you to display multiple messages within a single screen area. With an animated fading text effect this is an excellent way to display multiple messages whilst leaving the majority of your page free for the real content.The

  • Advanced Banner Rotation Software

    This software has been designed to add real efficiency to your web page. It will load all your banner adverts and rotate them in a single area of your page whilst your visitor is viewing your page. This means you can now confine all those adverts to

  • Newsflash

    This Java applet implements a configurable news displayer. Hot links will take you to display related messages in greater details. Data from a text file will be re-opened at a specified refresh rate. Parameters:Edit the data file (NewsFlash.txt or yo

  • Mybanners 1.01

    MyBanners randomly displays your banners. It loads all banners at once (stores all banner files into your visitor's computer) , that is for the best performance to display your banners smoothly. Because it is random, your visitors always see differen

  • Java Adsloader 1.01

    AdsLoader randomly displays your banners. If it decide to display an advert (lets say banner3), it will load this banner file from your server and display it on your page, next time it decides to display banner2, it will load banner2 file from your s

  • Ibanner

    iBanner is a simple ads or banners rotator powerd by a Java applet.Features:- supports up to 100 ads / images - use with 468x60, 125x125, 88x32 or ....any custom-size banner - uses either jpgs or gifs - fully adjustable time-delay between ads - extre

  • J-ads 2.1.3

    This is a "roller banner" based Applet. It allows to display many classic banners in the same 468x60 screen. J-Ads is easy to install on your web page. You just have to fill basic parameters for a simple use. Extra parameters like GIFcontrol or click

  • Message Slider

    Message Slider is a Java Applet that bounces messages in a box with various motion effects. You can use it for displaying news, announcements and any other content like links, ads and more.

  • Announcer Java Applet

    Announcer Java applet is a little vertical marquee applet for displaying news and messages.

  • Advanced Typewriter Scroll Applet

    Advanced Typewriter Scroll Applet is a java typewriter applet. Features: - background image, - the scroll content can be loaded from a separate text file or parameters, - smooth scrolling, - full customizable font characteristics, - custom colored bo

  • Advanced News Scroll

    Advanced News Scroll Java Applet is a highly configurable vertical text scroller.It features smooth scrolling, highlighted URL links, optional border, background image, and more. Content can be loaded from parameters or a separate text file. Adv

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