Isaac will give new life to your images and to your web pages.

Isaac can split images in smaller pieces, change their colors and use them to generate any animations, interactive effects, rollovers, menus and other interesting effects. It allows you to achieve great results without increasing loading time of your pages.

This is a brief list of main Isaac features & benefits:
- it runs on all browser and computers
All browsers offer Java support. If users have it enabled, animations are rendered with Java. Otherwise, an animated GIF is provided. Isaac generates both formats automatically. The GIF version includes a map with fully functional links.
- it doesn't need any plug-in or installation
The browser will download a small Java Applet (8 kb only), as little as those applets that display no more than scrolling text.
- you can group many images in one
Images will be split by Isaac, reducing download time dramatically. This is more efficient than the JavaScript approach.
- you don't need to write code
Isaac is completely visual. It produces HTML files that can be copied or inserted into your website.

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