Gumnut v0..0.8

gumnut is a free software program that aims to enable a group of friends, located anywhere in the world, to communicate cooperatively on any topic.

A text based interface provides the ability to create, reply, moderate ( agree with ) and display existing ideas over a decentralised communication network ( Gnutella ).

Each comment is a regular text file, identified by a simple naming convention that describes field attributes in the filename. A discussion thread can be recreated by searching on one or more of these fields and retrieving the individual comments which are distributed across the network. gumnut is designed with a simple positive feedback loop of moderation by mirroring.

This allows contribution of any idea, by anyone, at any time, while maintaining visibility of the commonly agreed upon ideas. The network has a decentralised topography where comment text files are hosted on the node where they were created or on another node that has mirrored them. gumnut is a small feature extension of the source code from the GPL Gnutella servent named Gnut.

Gnut provides the underlying network search and download features which gumnut expands upon with the addition of the ability to post a new comment, reply, mirror or to display a discussion tree of comments.

Mirroring is the method used to indicate support for a particular comment. This increases the number of instances on the network and gives the comment a higher moderation weighting when subsequently searched for.

Each text file comment follows a simple filename convention so that it can be searched for by its time of creation, geographical area of relevance, community and subject. A tree depth field is included to allow a thread to be recreated from the individual comments found across the network.

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