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  • Robotlegs Simple Mp3 Player

    RobotLegs is an ActionScript 3 micro-architecture framework for Flash. This framework is one of the few Flash frameworks still seeing development these days, so you can trust the "RobotLegs Simple mp3 player" component uses the latest features in Fla

  • Flash Based Wysiwyg Editor

    Flash is slowly dying and seeing lower and lower usage, but this still doesn't stop some developers in using it for their projects.You can see this especially in high-end websites, that contain either lots of complex animations that HTML 5 can't hand

  • Olympic Countdown 1

    The banner can be displayed on any webpage using the SWF file provided.The timer works automatically, no other settings being required from the user. Requirements:· Adobe Flash Player

  • Product Images Viewer

    "Product images viewer" is a professional Flash tool for presenting products on Flash-based stores.The component comes in two themes (light and dark) and is very easy to customize, along with the images it holds.For each image, store owners can attac

  • Paypal Live Balance

    PayPal Live Balance is a Flash component that connects to a desired PayPal account and pulls in the user's account balance.It then displays this information on a page, letting the user/visitor know how much money he has in his PayPal account.PayPal L

  • Flash Preloaders

    "Flash Preloaders" holds ten of the most high quality preloader mechanisms for Flash.Each of the preloader can be customized in depth.Developers can change the color of the preloader background, the color of the preloader itself and color of the prel

  • 3d Zoom One

    3D Zoom One shows images in a 3D perspective, as a stack of photos which can be zoomed in and out with the help of a set of side navigation controls.The component is controlled via an external XML settings file, which allows users to customize conten

  • Ilac 0.1

    Ilac fixes a problem in the Flex IDE that doesn't allow a comprehensive and really useful way of letting users pick a color.It merges other ActionScript classes together, providing a Flex component that is beautiful and easy to use as well. What's Ne

  • Swfexplorer 0.7.1

    SWFExplorer allows users or developers alike to browse the index of a SWF file.They can also extract the SWF's all available exported class definitions.SWFExplorer is written in ActionScript 3 and includes SWC support. Requirements:· Adobe Flash

  • Flvslicer 0.5 (beta)

    FLVSlicer is an ActionScript 3 Flash component for cutting and merging FLV files at runtime.FLVSlicer runs on the client's side and needs only two values: the starting and ending frame timestamps.A demo is included with the download package. Requirem

  • Js Turntable Viewer 2.1

    JS Turntable Viewer allows developers to embed a component to preview 3D objects, models and imagery inside the browser.JS Turntable Viewer supports more than one single 3D object, being capable of presenting entire collections of items, making it pe

  • Away3d 4.1.0 Alpha

    Developed with the help of a huge community, Away3D is currently one of the top line solutions for Flash 3D games.Besides the gaming industry, Away3D can also be used for simple 3D animations on regular sites or intro pages as well. Here are some key

  • 3d Motion Flow

    3D Motion Flow uses the Away3D and Tweener animation engines for smooth and fast 3D perspective renderings.The component is controlled via an external XML settings file, which allows users to customize content just by changing a few lines of code. He

  • Royale Flash Free Header

    Royale Flash Free Header takes a background image, a thumbnail, a title text, a description text and an URL string, animating them inside a container as if they where the panels inside a slideshow.Royale is perfect for using as a banner rotator in th

  • Swf Capabilities

    The provided SWF file exposes a JavaScript API for developers to control the Flash Local SharedObject, the Flash object dealing with storing and retrieving local user information (a.k.a. Flash cookies).The main purpose of SWF Capabilities is to provi

  • As3 Group94 Menu 0.1

    Can be used in websites or Flash-based desktop apps.Only a couple of the menu's items are visible, and as the user uses the arrows to scroll down or up the menu, new items are added on the fly, while others are being removed using a quick slide-fade

  • Group94 Style Circular Menu 1.00

    Can be used as a site navigation system, or just as a showcase for quotes, price variants or any other little piece of text.A demo is included with the download package. Here are some key features of "Group94 Style Circular Menu":· Set menu inne

  • Glitch Generator 1.0

    This class opens up an image or video files and alters bytes so the outputted result is corrupted.The result is the well-known "glitch" effect found in graphics display field.Custom images can be used. The final glitched image can also be saved.A dem

  • As3 Shuffle Grid Class

    Grid elements can be rearranged with drag and drop gestures.Just move them around until they are in the right position.Can be used in games, image galleries, or full blown websites.A working demo is included with the download package. Requirements:&#

  • Image Distortion Effects

    Comes packed with the Bar Gallery as an example of usage in a real-life scenario. Here are some key features of "Image Distortion Effects":· Customize effect direction· Set animation time· Autoplay Requirements:· ActionScript 3

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