Editlive! v6.2

EditLive! offers true ease of use with enterprise capabilities. It is the ideal solution for editing rich HTML documents in CMS, wikis, blogs, email and more.

Give your content authors an editing solution that they will actually use. The Word-like interface makes content creation easy for business users who know nothing about HTML and want to keep it that way.

It allows you to create high quality content with CSS.

- Spelling and Thesaurus - Real-time spell checking and word suggestions.
- Import -Copy and paste clean HTML from Word and elsewhere.
- Tables - Robust, feature rich table editing.
- Linking - Connect your content faster and easier.
- Images and Media  - Express yourself with photos, video and audio.
- Track Changes - Collaborate more effectively with others.
- Accessibility - Compliance with Section 508 and the WCAG.
- Forms - Design text areas, check boxes and more.
- Equation Editor - Create mathematical and scientific equations.
- Source Editor - Syntax highlighting and features for developers.
- Content Preservation - Compatibility with the browser's back button.
- Integration - Seamless integration with CMS, blogs and wikis.
- Customize - Tailor EditLive! to your exact requirements.
- Internationalize - Author in the languages of the world.
- Open - Ephox is committed to standards and world class support.
- Usability - A friendly, desktop-like user interface.
New Features in Version 6.2
- EditLive! now includes three new interface translations. These languages are automatically shown on the respective language systems:
- Thai - can be forced active using setLocale(”th”)
- Dutch - can be forced active using setLocale(”nl”)
- Brazilian Portuguese - can be forced active using setLocale(”pt”)

- Ability to tab or shift-tab into the editor from a form field. IE and Firefox on Windows only. Applies to both normal and inline editing.
- Ability for advanced api developers to temporarily ignore content editable attributes and make programatic changes to uneditable sections. See DocumentModifier.setOverrideContentEditable.
Bug Fixes Trace debug level is no longer ignored when a user has enabled debug logging via the menu
Objects were not uploading on Linux, due to file: uri format
NullPointerException when launching “Cell Properties” on a th cell
Saving the HTML document (via the ‘Save’ or ‘Save As…’ menu/toolbar items) when in code view with showBodyOnly set to true only saved a HTML fragment
Load-time function “setDownloadDirectory” wasn’t correctly resolving the “/” path, or relative urls starting with “../”. Also improved handling of paths containing “./”
For the ImageBrowser component, image URls that point to a script instead of an image were not returning an image to insert
Cell Properties dialog now allows the “scope” attribute to be set for “th” elements
User preferences not saved on some Windows machines when logged in as a limited user
Rolled back new image code due to ImageIO instability on Java 1.4
Using InsertHTMLAtCursor to insert a hyperlink failed when encloseText was set to false
Setting alignment in the Insert Table Dialog, in any language other than English, would set the alignment to a non-HTML compliant string
Using the GetBody runtime function with Express Edit failed when the text contained single quote characters

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