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  • Bar Graph 1.0

    The Bar Graph script can help developers create horizontal bar graphs, with HTML and CSS only, and no JavaScript involved it all.It supports simple bars and stacked layouts.Bar Graph can also overlay labels on top of the bar chart, either on top of t

  • Animated 3d Bar Chart

    Controls for filtering the chart's data are provided as well.Filtering the data will animate the chart's columns.A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:· CSS 3 enabled browser

  • Css 3d Stacks

    Using a little JavaScript, the user can navigate through the chart using his keyboard. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· CSS3 enabled browser Limitations:· Works in the latest browser releases (Webkit only).

  • Wicked Css3 3d Bar Chart (Animated)

    At normal state, a small icon and horizontal cylinder will be shown.Hovering the mouse over one of the cylinder/option will animate the bar according to the value it holds.All the animations effects are created using modern CSS3 code, but can easily

  • Csscharts

    It will create bar charts in pure CSS code, allowing it to be shown in pages where JavaScript is enabled, or another JavaScript file would be an overkill.PHP code is used to set up the charts.The animations and chart effects are strictly CSS.Multiple

  • Pure Css Data Chart

    By simply modifying options in a CSS and HTML file, the user can customize the script to his needs.

  • Pure Css Line Graph

    The entire script is pure CSS, and draws line graphs solely on his own powers without any JavaScript code.

  • Simple Accessible Charts

    Simple Accessible Charts script provides an easy, fast, accessible way to display simple data and beautify them with CSS.Features:- accessible - fast - search engine friendly - resizable - easy extendable, just add a new list entry

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