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  • Css3 Animation Cheat Sheet

    The CSS3 Animation Cheat Sheet is a small stylesheet which developers can append to their standard CSS and support basic CSS3 keyframe animations.The animation effects can be applied to any element on the page, solely by adding the appropriate class

  • Csshake

    Written in CSS 3 alone, this effect is quite easy to use, just by  attaching one or more classes to a HTML page element.CSShake works with any HTML tag, even with nested structures.This tool is recommended for using with hover effects, but it ca

  • Spinkit

    SpinKit uses pure HTML and CSS 3 code to create and animate a spinner graphic.SpinKit mimics some of the spinners (preloaders) seen with most Flash apps, a UI element used generally to mask the process of loading large content on a page.The animation

  • Effeckt.css 1.0.0

    Effeckt.css was inspired by Animate.css, but comes with better support and smoother actions. Effeckt.css animations can be applied to any element on the page that can be manipulated via CSS 3.Examples are included with the download package. Requireme

  • Fitmyvideo

    FitMyVideo uses responsive CSS code to resize videos to perfectly fit inside their container's width.FitMyVideo also works with the viewport directly as well.Tested with Vimeo and YouTube videos.A demo is included with the download package.

  • Polygons

    The Polygons stylesheet can be used in creating polygon shapes via CSS code only.All created polygon shapes are correctly hovered and clickable elements.Supported shapes:HexagonOctagonDodecagon Requirements:· CSS 3 enabled browser

  • Background Pattern Overlay

    This snippet shows how to add image patterns on top of solid colors via CSS.All while allowing content to show normally.A demo is included with the download package.

  • Unfolding 3d Thumbnails

    Designed as a concept, this script allows developers to bring in/out HTML elements into view via a 3D fold transition.All animations are done via the CSS 3 transform property. Requirements:· CSS 3 enabled browser Limitations:· Works only in

  • Menu Effects

    It gracefully degrades for IE8. Here are some key features of "Menu Effects":Effects:· Bounce· Radial· Winding· Shield· Pop· Helix· Wave· Fan· Fly· Papercut· Venitian· Jaws· Blind·

  • Css3-rainbow-dividers

    Creates embeddable and extremely CPU friendly animated rainbows via CSS 3 code.This effect can be used as a background for page elements, from horizontal lines to text backgrounds.A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:· CSS

  • 3d Rollovers

    Just attach them to elements that need some nifty hover effects and your done. Here are some key features of "3D rollovers":Supported effects:· Rollover· Fade· Flip· Flip Up· Flip Box· Flip Box Fade· Flip Box Fade U

  • Css Cube

    All transitions are created via CSS 3 animations.Some simple JavaScript is used to trigger animations when the user wants a side to be rotated.2 working versions are included with the download package. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client

  • Page Transitions With Css3

    Written entirely in CSS 3, allows smooth animations between a website's pages.Demos are included with the download package. Including slide in and fade transitions. Requirements:· CSS 3 enabled browser

  • Animatecss

    Developed as a proof of concept, they can be used without worries in any web page. It works by detecting support for CSS transitions.For older browsers, the effects will be rendered via MooTools in JavaScript. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled o

  • Animate.css

    The effects can be applied to elements at hover or in more complex tools like slideshows or image galleries. Classes and animations have the same name. Here are some key features of "Animate.css":Attention seekers:· flash· bounce· shak

  • Space Cacss

    To create this effect, the author uses multiple techniques like combining multiple repeating-radial-gradients and animating the background-size and/or position.The effects can be shown at page load or on hover or active states. A working demo is incl

  • Overlay Effect Menu With Css3

    Usually, overlay effects are seen with jQuery modal windows, when the entire page dims down to highlight the popup box. This script shows hot to recreate that effect using CSS3.The advantage of this method is faster page load times and less server re

  • Css 3d Transforms

    It provides examples on how to use CSS3 transforms, transitions, multiple background images, perspectives, translations and much more.It includes examples of 3D cubes, carousels, showing objects in perspective and more. Requirements:· Jekyll to

  • Rotating Billboard Using Only Css3

    A vertical sliced panels effect is used to transition between the billboard's panels. Requirements:· CSS3 enabled browser Limitations:· Only Safari and Google Chrome support the billboard transition effects.

  • Text Gradient

    Text Gradient is a simple css trick that allows you to improve your site's appearance by putting gradients on system font titles using nothing but css and a png image. The trick is very simple. Text Color in png should start with your background

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