Chatness v2.5.3

Chatness is a PHP based chat script. This means you can give your communtiy the extra spice of communcating in real time* through a web based platform. With so many downloads, you can't go wrong with Chatness's powerful features and stability.
- Superior refreshing engine
- Simple to use interface
- Message formatting
- Private Messenging
- And much more!
- Easy to use install
- Comprehensive help for each step
- Get up and running in just a few short minutes!
- Full MySQL support
- Utilizes JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL
- Supports MySQL sockets and ports.
- Uses inline frames rather then regular frames (meaning better style control)
- Multi-Browser support (tested on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Netscape 6)
Chat Elements
- Full formatting (Font, size, and color) Get more with Pro!
- Private Messenging
- Emoticons
- Auto Idle and Kick
- Ignore/Unignore Users
- No chatlog flickering
- Join/Exit messages
- Comprehensive help for users and admin
- Easily set and unset options
- Clear chatlog table
- Clean users list (easily remove users who aren't there)
- Edit templates online
- Boot/Unboot users
- Add/Remove Emoticons
- Stats panel
- Easily integrate stats to anyone's website
- No PHP required to integrate stats
- Show users, log, top chatter, etc...
- Easily contact support

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