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  • Ink Filepicker Ios Library 2.6.1

    The Ink Filepicker iOS Library is a versatile tool that allows users to make file selections from a wide range of sources.The library can acquire files from:- Local camera- Local filesystem- Dropbox- Facebook- Gmail- Box.com- GitHub- Google Drive- Fl

  • Stackview 1.0.4

    By default, iOS devices use UITableView to create long lists of  hierarchical information in a continuous column. Additionally content can be arranged in horizontally scrolled views.The StackView class provides an alternative to these layouts by

  • Fxblurview 1.6

    The class was also designed to replicate this effect on lower iOS versions, perfect for creating apps that look and behave the same on different iterations of the same OS.Developers can use FXBlurView in two ways. Either for generating a blurred vers

  • Fxforms 1.1.5

    Table-based forms are much easier to fill in compared to the other types of iOS form displays.They are more legible, more spaced, and are just perfect for any heavy-duty data entry activities.The FXForms library contains a collection of classes and m

  • Pux 1.5.1

    Pux was specifically work on slower machines and cloud environments where computing power availability matters and mundane tasks like URL rerouting should not be a priority.Pux works basically like any other routing system, supporting both basic stat

  • Mrprogress 0.4.1

    MRProgress allows developers to display the classic progress bar/circle inside a popup for their iOS apps.Background is dimmed and blurred at the same time, while the progress indicator is used to mask various operations and processes that occur in t

  • Sixpack-ios 1.0

    Sixpack-iOS basically allows iOS developers to create and run A/B tests in their favorite Objective-C-based technology and use the library to gather and send usage reports to a Sixpack installation.Sixpack-iOS is an officially supported API client.Ot

  • Canvas 0.1.1

    Canvas is a project created for designers and developers alike, allowing them to animate any part of their iOS application without having to write long chunky lines of code to do so.The library includes a collection of basic animation types, which ca

  • Pnchart 0.3.3

    PNChart is a charting library written in pure Objective-C, specifically for using within iOS apps.PNChart allows developers to take statistical data and present it using smooth, sleek and customizable animations.Along with chart colors and animations

  • Sinemark

    At under 40 lines of code, sinemark is an extremely lightweight benchmark for testing your PC's math computing possibilities.The library basically will try to run as many sine operations as it can under 1 second.When done, it will print on the screen

  • Twmessagebarmanager 1.5.0

    TWMessageBarManager was created to help iOS developers in adding a user-friendly feedback and notification system for their app.TWMessageBarManager is a generic system that manages the process of creating, assembling, animating, acknowledging and dis

  • Overshare 1.2.0

    Overshare was created thanks to the hard and complicated process developers must go when coding for iOS to add simple social sharing controls to an application.Overshare is nothing more than a collection of ready-made utilities and tools that can eas

  • Ccpcolorpickercontroller

    CCPColorPickerController was created to look and feel as close to as possible to the native iOS interface.The color picker supports animations and uses the classic color spectrum interface made famous by the Adobe Photoshop color picker.Once the desi

  • Alsystemutilities 1.2

    ALSystemUtilities, or System utilities library for iOS, can be used to detect if various features and operations can be performed on the current mobile device (running iOS of course).This way app developers can avoid situations where their applicatio

  • Tus-ios-client 0.0.1

    tus-ios-client is an official client for the Resumable File Uploads protocol.The class will allow developers to implement a simple file upload mechanism which can be stopped and resumed whenever the user wants to.It can also be used as a backup mecha

  • Progresshud 1.3

    The library supports showing loading, success and error indicators.Once these indicators shown, access to the rest of the controls is blocked.ProgressHUD is compatible with Xcode, iOS 7 and ARC technologies. What's New in This Release:

  • Vkontakte Ios Sdk 2.1

    Vkontakte is a Russian-based social network, similar to what Facebook, hi5 MySpace and other similar services have stood for.The Vkontakte iOS SDK is a collection of tools and utilities that will allow iOS developers to quickly assemble an app togeth

  • Jvfloatlabeledtextfield 0.0.7

    JVFloatLabeledTextField takes inline labels and instead of fading them to zero when the user focuses the field and starts typing, the class simply slides them above the input field.This way the label is still visible, but doesn't occupy too much spac

  • Escachehelper

    ESCacheHelper is basically a very simplistic cache system for iOS.Because it's contained in a simple helper singleton, ESCacheHelper can be used practically anywhere and for anything. Here are some key features of "ESCacheHelper":

  • Escrashlogger

    ESCrashLogger will help programmers setup a logging utility for gathering various details about iOS crashes.Crash data is recorded and sent to a remote location for storage.If desired, crash data can also be sent via email. Here are some key features

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