Away3d v4.1.0 Alpha

Developed with the help of a huge community, Away3D is currently one of the top line solutions for Flash 3D games.
Besides the gaming industry, Away3D can also be used for simple 3D animations on regular sites or intro pages as well.
Here are some key features of "Away3D":
· Great performance
· Support for mobile devices
· GPU and CPU friendly
· Easy scene graph manipulation
· Physics engine included
· Animation engine included
· Support for GPU acceleration
· File I/O support
· Supports advanced post-processing effects
· Examples and docs
· Adobe Flash Player 11 or higher
· Adobe Flash IDE CS3 or higher
What's New in This Release:
· Impressive increase in animation performance across web and mobile applications.
· Initial introduction of GPU-based animation in Away3D.
· Multipass shading, enabling more complex effects and higher fidelity lighting for computers with more powerful GPUs.
· Several new materials have been created to simulate the application of realtime reflections on the surface of an object.

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