• Blogworx 1.0

    BlogWorx is a small public blog application for people to share their thoughts.Main Features: - Bad word filter. - HTML code enabled so you can post links and pictures. - Voting system allows users to vote for posts they like or dislike.

  • Dblog 2.0

    dBlog CMS is an open source Content Management System, especially suited for blogs. It is very easy to install and use and provides a lot of useful features.To be able to use dBlog CMS Open Source it is necessary to have a web server (IIS) based on M

  • Battle Blog 1.25

    Battle Blog is a classic ASP blogging solution.Battle Blog's "real world" preview feature allows you to view your posting within the actual context of your presentation and customized style sheet before you've published it, or, while you're making ed

  • Ajjournal 1.0

    AJJournal is a script for keeping an online journal. Features: - Limit Results Per Page - Compatibilty with AJLogin - Multiple Admin Capabilities This script uses SQL and an MS Access DB to avoid many issues with ADO write and update permissions ofte

  • Dmxready Blog Manager 1.2

    With DMXReady Blog Manager, the user can: Create new blog posts, edit/delete old ones Create a bio with picture, links, and more Use as stand-alone or put directly into your own website Search posts by category or keyword 100% customizable – yo

  • Asp Simple Blog 3

    It can be used as a personal blog, news site, official press release and many other applications.It includes: Very simple admin control, that allows the user to add or delete Blogs or News. It accepts script syntax, so it may include web links, email

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