• Rentlogix 1.0

    Built using the latest technologies such as .Net Framework 3.5 and the Yahoo User Interface Library, Rentlogix provides the complete functionality car and auto rental business require.The system comes with an easy-to-use interface and can be customiz

  • Staffview 3.0

    StaffView Pro is a professional Org Chart Employee Directory Automation Intranet software designed for I.T. professional, Webmaster and Intranet owner who would like to automate the employee contacts for your company Intranet. It helps your employees

  • World Recipe 2.7

    World Recipe is an ASP .NET application and an Access Database to contain and display recipes in a wide variety of categories. It also allows your visitors to post their favorite recipes, rate recipe and add comment. You can edit/delete recipes

  • Today In History 1.6

    Today in History is an ASP.NET application that display a history "News Events and Famous Birthdays" based on the current month and day. Also this application is very easy to modify and integrate into your existing ASP.Net based site. Features: - Cro

  • Netship 3.2

    netSHIP offers real-time rate calculation and tracking with United States Postal Service (USPS), Federal Express (FedEx), DHL WorldWide Express (DHL), AirBorne Express (Airborne) and Canada Post - or any combination of the above - even at the same ti

  • Zipcodeworld

    ZIPCodeWorld™ Utility .NET Component is a software development component and data solution for .NET Framework that performs several ZIP Code and Postal Code search functions such as data query, distance calculation and query ZIP Code by radius.

  • Recruitoffice Db 2.0.101

    RecruitOffice DB brings the power of Web-based recruiting, staffing to your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.Because RecruitOffice DB is an Application Service Provider (ASP), you have no software to buy or install. No need to wait. Simply log on to hav

  • Zip Code Radius Search Asp

    ZIP code radius search allows you to perform Zip code distance search in 50 countries.Benefits: - Zip code distance search in 50 countries - All files contain postal code, town, region(s) and longitude and latitude. - High quality data - Onetime paym

  • Aspshipping

    ASPShipping is a free open source ASP solutions for live shipping rates with UPS, FedEx and USPS.This code is all 100% ASP and requires no non-Microsoft plugins or COM dlls.

  • Random Quote Asp

    Random Quote displays a random quote from a text file, on your website.

  • Randomquote / Joke 2.5

    Random Quote allows you to randomly display quotes, jokes, testimonials or any other text with minimal code changes. All powered by online secured administration, it has never been easier to implement random text in your web site. The administration

  • Fipsquote

    This small application shows another Quotation (and author) on every page refresh.All you have to do is to include one file. The Quotations are stored in a MS © Access database. If you log in to the secure admin section you may add, edit or

  • Creaname 1.1

    CreaName is a free name generator helping you find a name for your new company, product, Internet domain... The admin control panel let you add, modify and delete words in the system. Moreover you will have the possibility to customize the text and b

  • Aspired2quote

    ASPired2Quote can randomly display messages from a database. You have the power to add this dynamic feature with only a few lines of code. ASPired2Quote is flexible and it does not have to be used for only quotes.ASPired2Quote can be used for: - Quot

  • Quickquotes

    QuickQuotes is a quote management system that allows you to easily manage a database of quotations and randomly display them on your site. Best of all, it is completely free to download and use. It is easy for anyone to add a fun and interesting disp

  • Freekotnet

    FREEKOTNET is an ASP.NET free tool which allows you to insert a random quotation system or a quote of the day in your website. You will be able to customize the text colors and background colors. In the admin part you can add, modify and delete all t

  • Asp Glossary 1.0

    ASP Glossary script allows you to create and manage a glossary on your web site.Features - Easy setup - List terminology and there definitions - Full admin control panel - Fully configurable - Explain phrases used on your website - Sorted by letter o

  • Clickquote!

    ClickQuote! is a random quote generation application that will add a bunch of fun to your site in just a matter of minutes. The database is pre-loaded with more than 1,700 of the funniest, thoughtful, profound quotes you have ever seen. Easily incorp

  • R.a.d.spell

    r.a.d.spell enables developers to add multilingual spellchecking capabilities to their ASP.NET applications. The product is completely customizable and can be attached to any server/client editable element. r.a.d.spell can also use the engine and dic

  • R.a.d.panelbar

    r.a.d.panelbar is a versatile component for building collapsible side-menu systems and Outlook-type panels. It is developed to facilitate left/right-side navigation, which cannot be achieved using the conventional drop-down menu components. Features:

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