Apache Shale v1.0.5

Architecturally, Shale is a set of loosely coupled services that can be combined as needed to meet particular application requirements.
Shale provides additional functionality such as application event callbacks, dialogs with conversation-scoped state, a view technology called Clay, annotation-based functionality to reduce configuration requirements and support for remoting.
Shale also provides integration links for other frameworks, to ease development when combination of technologies are required.
Here are some key features of "Apache Shale":
· View Controller - Convenient mechanism to associate a "backing" Java class with each JavaServer Faces view in an application, with predefined event handlers for events significant to an application developer.
· Dialog Manager - Mechanism to define a "conversation" with a user that requires multiple HTTP requests to implement, modeled as a state diagram.
· Application Manager - Traditional application wide front controller features that should be applied to every request.
· Validation - Integration with the Apache Commons Validator Framework, supporting both client side and server side validations based on a single set of configured validation rules.
· Remoting - Server side support for applications that employ AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) style interactions.
· Spring Integration - Integration with the Spring Framework, allowing the use of Spring's dependency injection framework to create JavaServer Faces managed beans.
· Clay - An alternative to JSP where you define views in pure HTML, in a fashion similar to Tapestry and Facelets. An innovative sub-framework for supporting the configuration of reusable subtrees of JavaServer Faces components for customizable reuse.
· Test Framework - Set of mock objects and JUnit test case base classes suitable for testing both the framework classes themselves, as well as application components built on top of the framework.
· Tiger Extensions - Optional add-on library that adds additional ease-of-use features for Shale applications that run on Java Standard Edition 5 (popularly known by its code name during development, "tiger").
· JRE 1.4 or higher
· Servlet API 2.4 or higher
· JavaServer Pages 2.0 or higher
· JavaServer Faces 1.1 or higher
· JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL) 1.1 or higher
· Apache Commons BeanUtils 1.7 or higher
· Apache Commons Chain 1.1 or higher
· Apache Commons Digester 1.8 or higher
· Apache Commons Logging 1.1 or higher
· Apache Shale is retired from Apache right now.

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