Advanced Web Ranking v6.2

Advanced Web Ranking is a software tool for web position ranking and SEO analysis.

Advanced Web Ranking is a search engine ranking software that emulates a manual search through each search engine. It works exactly like if you were manually checking your keywords ranking position via a browser. This way, Advanced Web Ranking is able to produce reliable and accurate website positioning reports.

Advanced Web Ranking allows you to check Google ranking through the Google API thus making it one of the most search engine friendly tools on the market.

Main Features:

Create printable reports in multiple formats
All the reports available in Advanced Web Ranking can be saved in the following formats: PDF, HTML, Excel, CSV, Text and XML.

Customizable reports
Advanced Web Ranking allows you to easily customize the header and footer of your reports to add your company's logo and information. For advanced customization, you can write your own XSL stylesheet to create HTML reports using your own custom templates.

Quick reports
Advanced Web Ranking allows you to create quick reports which contain the same data you see in the user interface, without having to define any filters or input data.

Save reports to a user specified folder
After each scheduled update, Advanced Web Ranking can save the report to a specified folder on your machine.

Send reports to multiple email addresses
Advanced Web Ranking allows you to send reports to your clients to one or multiple email addresses.

Send compressed zip reports by email
Advanced Web Ranking gives you the ability to compress big reports before sending them by email, to save the bandwidth.

Upload reports to your website
Advanced Web Ranking can automatically save and upload the generated reports to your website through a FTP server, so that your clients could easily see them by directly accessing their personal section.

Schedule report creation
Advanced Web Ranking allows you to send reports to your clients at a chosen date and time using the scheduler. You also have the choice of sending reports immediately after a search engine update is made.

Schedule multiple project updates
Advanced Web Ranking allows you to schedule updates for multiple projects at the same time, without affecting your bandwidth, as the updates will start one at a time until all the projects have been updated.

Schedule backups for project data
With Advanced Web Ranking you can schedule periodical backups for your projects, in order to avoid accidents that could lead to data losses and your customers' discontent. Use the Scheduler to schedule backups as often as you wish.

Multiple API Keys
Advanced Web Ranking allows you to enter more than one Google or Yahoo API key. When the 1000 requests limit of the first key is reached, the next key is used automatically.

Submit your website to search engines
Submit your website to any of the available search engines in our list through Advanced Web Ranking's manual submission tool. This tool provides a friendly interface between you and the selected search engine's submission page. Requirements:
· JRE 1.4 or later

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