Youraff v1.02

YOURaff is a combination of commission and pay-per-click affiliate program software using a MySQL database and introducing many advanced features.

It is suited for the most demanding customers and will run large affiliate programs on websites with thousands of visitors every day!

- easy to install and configure, FREE installation with purchase
- MySQL database for maximum performance and security!
- supports both banners (all sizes) and text ads!
- banners and text ads come with statistics (Impressions, clicks, click-through percent, EPC)
banners and text ads can link to homepage or any other web page (great for special promotions or in-depth affiliate promotion)
- uses confirmation e-mail to prevent unsolicited signups or administrator can choose to manually
- review each affiliate application before confirming signup (great if quality affiliates are needed)
- pay your affiliates a flat commission, "percent of the order value" and/or Pay Per Click (for every unique visitor the send to your web site)
- Admin area with easy tools to view/edit affiliate program, affiliate info, banners, text ads, add/reset earnings, use an optional field to collect additional information from affiliates, e-mail utility, powerful affiliate search utility and more!
- User area with user editor and HTML code generator
- Easy to implement into your existing store/purchase forms
· a UNIX type server
· Perl 5 and an e-mail program installed on the server
· permission to run CGI scripts on the server and a FTP access

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