Xsltdb v02.00.39 / 01.49.01 (for DNN 4)

The XsltDb DotNetNuke module is powerful XSLT-based developers-oriented module, for building other DotNetNuke modules.
Powerfull XSLT-based programming model, code reuse, syntax highlighting and code completion, context online help make it very easy to create new functions for a web site.
Here are some key features of "XsltDb":
· Safe database access directly from XSL using mdo:xml and mdo:sql extension object.
· Caching database query results in ASP.NET cache, SqlCacheDependency support.
· Multiple XML sources access with document() XSLT function and mdo:xml extension.
· ASP.NET and Telerik controls usage (example).
· Portal data isolation. You are able to limit each portal to query only it's own data.
· Visitor command processing (navigate, ajax or submit).
· Live modules. ?utomatic module refresh using timer.
· Form validation.
· SEO friendly ajax support, XsltDb Javascript API!
· Javascript server-side handlers and XsltDb javascript API.
· XML services with ws.aspx.
· Inline XML services using mdo:service.
· Seamless integration capabilities. Easily split your xslt into multiple modules.
· Reuse a module with tag.
· Localization API. ResX files helper.
· Safe unrestricted access to separate dedicated database on per-portal basis.
· Safe .NET API access (mdo:net, mdo:netcall).
· Free server-side scripting by msxsl:script tag read more....
· File upload and management.
· Image processing including very fast dimensions retrival.
· Request, form, cookie, session parameters access.
· DotNetNuke module, portal, user, page properties access.
· Client-side xsl transformations with mdo:client-xsl.
· Module settings form using mdo:setup
· WIKI-like content templates
· Syntax highlighting, code completion, full screen mode, regex find & replace, context & online help.
· Visual Studio integration including xslt debugger.
· DotNetNuke 5.x or higher

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