Xquared v20090512

The editor can be embedded into any web project and used to format textarea input. Here are some key features of "Xquared":
· User defined keyboard shortcuts.
· Addition of an auto-correction feature.
· Addition of an auto-complete feature.
· User defined context menu.
· User defined template processor.
· Expandable validator.
· Macro – can put YouTube, videos, Google Gadgets, etc anywhere on your page.
· Editlet – being prepared.
· JavaScript enabled on client side
What's New in This Release:
· Modification: Created a restriction when connecting elements that are not a TEXTAREA to Xquared
· Addition: Added a plug-in that lets you drag the editor the the bottom portion of the screen and control the size (EditorResizePlugin.js). Refer to resize.html in the examples directory. (Thanks to zenguy and jinagam for this suggestion.)
· Addition: You can now add Yahoo videos.
· Addition: You can now insert the new version of Pandora TV's player.
· Modification: We have now restricted the input of URLs when inserting videos. Only OBJECT and EMBED are allowed.
· Fix: Fixed problem where videos could not play when margins and paddings did not exist in the BODY during editing mode.
· Fix: Fixed problem where removing a video with Cut (Ctrl+X) would not remove the video from the screen.

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