• Edit Distance Alignment

    Edit Distance Alignment calculates alignments between two arrays. It implements standard weighting schemes such as Levenshtein and enables customization. It calculates edit distances and alignments with an efficient diagonal-first algorithm.

  • Rubygraph 0.1.0

    Implementation of graph algorithms including maximal flow/minimal cut,cheapest max flow, maximal matching, strong connectivity, topological sorting, shortest path,dfs,bfs and minimal spanning tree

  • Content Mathml Examples

    Content MathML examples helps you test to see if your browser supports Content MathML.If it does, you should see approximately equivalent renderings of the MathML mark-up on the left and right columns of each example.

  • Mathml In Context

    This document shows a few formulas coded in MathML and typeset by ConTEXt. The examples are taken from an old copy of ‘Handbook of Chemistry and Physics’ as well as ‘Wiskunde voor het HBO (R. van Asselt et al.)’. We assume no

  • Mathml 2 Reference With Examples

    Both the indexes and the examples were extracted from the MathML2 Proposed Recommendation and MathML 2 DTD. The reference will be upgraded when the standard is finalized. The examples were extracted programatically, so there can be some problems intr

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