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  • Skinnable Web 2.0 Buttons 3.0

    Skinnable Web 2.0 Buttons is a free AJAX-driven tool for creating custom valid xhtml and browser-compatible website buttons with cool Web 2.0 looks (rounded corners, large fonts, etc.) that comes with several pre-made skins - Default, Mac, Vista, Rou

  • Intermedia Dynamic Smil

    This example synchronizes the presentation of image, text, and streaming audio stored in Oracle8i to sell music CDROMs.

  • Integrating Xml And Flashviewing Portfolio Holding

    When the user issues the View Portfolio command, the client Flash movie transmits the following XML to the server.The server responds with an XML element called PORTFOLIO , that contains the contents of the user's portfolio in zero or more HOLDING el

  • Xml Radio With Flash Mx Dynamic Mp3 Loading

    XML Radio with Flash MX dynamic MP3 loading script is a small example showing a XML Radio with Flash MX dynamic MP3 loading.

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