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  • Xsltjson 1.0.92

    JSON is a light-weight, language independent, data interchange format.XSLTJSON supports several different JSON output formats.Works with XSLT 1.0 and 2.0 processors. Here are some key features of "XSLTJSON":Supported output formats:· BadgerFish

  • Xsl Template For Jdbc Code Generation

    Supply an Xml file with the details of the table, and the Java Class to generate for dealing with that table. An XSL processor, is used to read the template and xml files, and output a Java source file.There are many ways to arrange tables to store a

  • Xmlfox Xml/xsd Editor 2.01

    XMLFox XML/XSD editor is the Windows based graphical tool for authoring, updating, exploring, well-formedness checking or validating XML documents. XMLFox is an intuitive xml and xml schema(XSD) editor, allows the xml developer to create schemas and

  • Cascading Stylesheet For Docbook Xml

    DocBook is an XML dialect for writing documentation. The Cascading Stylesheet provided here allows you to directly view a styled XML document in software that supports XML styled with CSS2 (e.g. a recent Mozilla or Opera browser)

  • Sourcecode2html 0.0.1

    sourcecode2html is a html generator highlight for your source code (ruby, python, rhtml, c).

  • Soap Requests

    The doPost() function receives the SOAP message as an HTTP request. The function extracts the SOAP message from the request and locates the customer name to look up.

  • Mozilla Soap Api

    Although still in its infancy, the age of Web services and SOAP has already created a demand for a wide array of client technologies. A search for "SOAP client" turns up myriad implementations for C , Perl, .NET, PHP, and Java. If you dig a little de

  • A Simple Soap Client

    Talking to a SOAP server that provides Fibonacci numbers is not significantly harder than talking to an XML-RPC server. You just have to adjust the syntax of your request to use SOAP instead of XML-RPC.

  • Sending Jaxm Soap Messages

    JAXM is a new Java API, which describes a standard way of dealing with SOAP messages from the Java language. In particular, JAXM defines a SOAP message, which can carry data that conforms to the SOAP specification.

  • Making Http (and Soap) Requests To Other Servers.

    The Whitebeam environment provides virtually everything you need to develop sohpisticated Web based applications. There are a number of occassions when it's useful to access other Internet, Intranet or Extranet resources however. To access such data

  • Java(tm) Boutique

    Java(TM) Boutique demonstrates the use of Java and SOAP together.

  • Currency Converter Xml

    This application is an example of using Flash MX to communicate with a with a Web Service. By using a combination of the Load Vars Object, Flash MX Components, and a PHP Soap Toolkit - you can easily build applications such as these.

  • Spheon Jsoap - Webservices

    Spheon JSOAP - Webservices script allows you to test the server implementation of Spheon JSOAP. 

  • Moo/soap Interoperability

    There have been many attempts to interlink MOOs in the past. The reason that many of the past attempts have failed is due to the proprietary nature of the linking methods.

  • Consuming Web Services With Ez Soap Client

    Consuming web services with eZ SOAP Client is a simple example of fetching some data from the service using the eZ SOAP Client.

  • Using Soap With The Google Api

    This example shows how to use the SOAP component to submit searches via the Google SOAP API. Testing this example requires a valid license key, which is available for free from http://api.google.com/.

  • Using Wsdl In Soap Applications

    Using WSDL in SOAP applications is an introduction to WSDL for SOAP programmers.

  • Using The Wsdk To Digitally Sign Soap Messages

    This sample application demonstrates how to authenticate users via username and password and digitally sign a SOAP message to ensure no tampering of the message occurred as it was sent to the Web Service. It includes a sample web.config file with the

  • Time Example: Parallel

    Time example: parallel script shows how to display two media in the same time (in parallel). SOJA and VIM icons will stand side by side during 6 seconds.

  • Region

    Region script shows how to position a media within a presentation.

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