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  • Flexsql

    FlexSQL is a Flex RIA component designed to run SQL queries directly in Flex at runtime and get results back into Flex as a standard XML with bindable data. You can now run your SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE etc queries directly. The component can a

  • .net To Oracle Connectivity Using Odbc .net

    You can use the new ODBC .NET Data Provider that works with the ODBC Oracle7.x driver or higher. You need to have MDAC 2.6 or later installed and then download ODBC .NET from the MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Component) 2.7 contains core component, inc

  • Accessing Oracle Database Using Ado.net

    This source code shows you how to connect to an oracle database and do operations such as select, insert, update and delete.

  • Odp .net

    The purpose of this sample is to demonstrate Distributed Transactions using Microsoft Transaction Server through Oracle Data Provider for .NET(ODP.NET). ODP.NET provides an Oracle Service for using Microsoft Transaction Server.

  • Devgrid 5.0

    This control harnesses the power of the browser and takes it to a level never achieved before. It automates all your web application development with the ease of use that comes with using JavaScript Application Framework.Modeled as an IE Behavior, it

  • Directory Services

    Directory Services has been designed to give you access to all your corporate data. Data coming from LDAP Corporate Directory Services, WINNT domain, and Corporate Databases (ORACLE, SYBASE, MSSQL, ODBC) is available to view, publish and distribute t

  • Ibm Xsl Formatting Objects Composer

    IBM XSL Formatting Objects Composer is a typesetting and display engine that implements the XSL FO language for typesetting, printing, or displaying any written language.The XFC code is incorporated into XML2AFP and XML2PDF transforms that are a

  • Xml Processing Plus Plus

    XML Processing Plus Plus is a simple and powerful XML processing language: - It is built on top of Java. - It is API-independent. - It supports type-checking. XML Processing Plus Plus supports standard Java-XML APIs and it will work with other XML ap

  • Sysdb 0.2

    SysDB is a tool for synchronizing XML Files (based on XML Schema) and a Relational Database. XML files are stored and managed in the database.When the XML file change, only changes are added on the Database and all versions can be retrieved from the

  • Ado To Xml

    It's a little script that queries a database and then using ADO's built in Save feature saves a copy of the data as an XML file. The format isn't perfect since it's meant to be opened back up by ADO, but it sure beats writing it by hand.

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