X2newsletter Manager Se

X2Newsletter Manager SE script allows you to implement a newsletter system on your website.

- Application is 100% Active Server Pages (ASP) Script and there are NO DLL's to install on the server.
- Easy-to-use, Online administration
- Supports an unlimited number of Newsletter Lists, Newsletters, and Subscribers.
- Newsletter signup forms.
- Supports several mail components including: CDONTS, Persits ASP Email, ASP Mail, J Mail, and SA SMTP Mail.
- Option to send email via SQL query
- User info is stored in Access/SQL so you can use all DB tools to manage information. Delete/update etc
- Supports TEXT newsletters.
- Subscribers can belong to any number of Newsletter Lists. Multiple Newsletter categories)
- Automatic unsubscribe Link sent with each Newsletter so subscriber can easily unsubscribe.
- Supports HTML newsletters
- Includes a subscriber administration interface for members to manage their subscriptions.
- Supports file attachments
- E-mail notification when user unsubscribe.
- Free installation and free technical support.
- Free Upgrade

  • Developer: emrex.com
  • Website: http://www.quickezine.com/
  • Platforms: Windows
  • License: Commercial License ($50.00) 
  • Language: Asp.net

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