Wonderbanner v1.6

WonderBanner is a banner program for you and your advertisers. It uses an Access database.

You don't need to have Access installed at all and WonderBanner can be managed via a web page.

The database is "on the fly" and you don't need to declare as an ODBC source on your server. You don't need to declare any DLL, there isn't a dll! Just an ASP page.

It's easy to start, load the asp file on your server and it run after you have inserted two lines of code in your ASP pages that use the banner !

For the avertising time, you can choose between:
- advertising date limit
- advertising click limit
- advertising impression limit or advertising unlimited impression
- Trace click (refer, date and ip)
- You can modify the width, height, add a border, a alt text, a text link, target for every banner.
- You can activate or de-activate an account.
- Category support
- You can choose between asp code or html code as the source of advertising

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