Webtreeview.net v1.0

WebTreeView.NET® is Intersoft’s latest ASP.NET server control which enables you to easily create a hierarchical data presentation.

This powerful control incorporates numerous unique features which makes WebTreeView.NET® flexible and highly customizable to meet your design needs.

WebTreeView.NET® is loaded with many unique features which makes WebTreeView.NET one of the best tree view ever. Features in WebTreeView include Tristate checkbox, Load On Demand, sophisticated drag and drop ability, standard keyboard navigation, and built-in animation during expanding and collapsing the node.

Key Features:
- Visual Studio 2008 Ready
- Widest Browser Support
- Tristate Checkbox
- Load on Demand
- Keyboard Navigation
- Identify unique node by path
- Animation during expanding or collapsing a node
- Interactive Drag and Drop ability
- Automatically select a node on expand or collapse
- Customizing styles, appearance, and images
- Node Editing
- Built-in Navigation with NavigateURL and Target
- Comprehensive DataSource and Node Binding Support
- Client-side Events
- Quick configuration by using SmartTag Designer
- Rich Designer

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