Webmail Asp Server Application v2.3

A webmail server gives users the ability to view their e-mail from anywhere on the Internet. At work, at home, or on vacation, as long as they have an Internet connection, e-mail is always accessible from an easy to use web-based interface generated by the webmail server.

The whole system consists of three pieces: the POP3/SMTP server (not included), which handles the communication with the other mail servers when sending and receiving messages; the webmail server, which adds GUI and DB services to that; and the web browser, which provides the front end where the interface is rendered.

 The webmail server is in between the actual mail box and the web client, using the POP/SMTP protocols on one side and the HTTP protocol on the other.

Main Features:
- Send and receive e-mail from any online computer.
- Connect to your existing POP/SMTP mail box account.
- Move your mail from the POP server to a flexible database.
- Don't move it and use WebmailASP just to check email.
- Liberate from obscure file formats (uses Access, SQL.)
- Learn the webmail server intuitive interface in minutes.
- Take advantage of menus, toolbars, and treeviews.
- Organize messages into folders and sub-folders.
- Add attachments and signatures to your messages.
- Do advanced text search queries on your messages.
- Correctly title a stored message by editing its subject.
- Sort messages by subject, date, sender, or receiver.
- Import, create and edit Contacts and Contact Books.
- Paste addresses from contact books into messages.
- Check email automatically every few minutes.
- Get new-mail alerts even when the window is minimized.
- Read both plain-text and HTML messages.

  • Developer: webmailasp.net
  • Website: http://www.webmailasp.net/
  • Platforms: Windows
  • License: Commercial License ($42.00) 
  • Language: Asp.net

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