WebEdit is an ASP.Net v2.x Server Control which offers an affordable XHTML compliant WYSIWYG Editor with a full built in Web Content Management System straight out of the box.

It can be integrated into any ASP.Net website with just three lines of code allows the content of any web page to be altered using just your web browser. No software to install, no clunky administration areas......it simply turns any web page into an editable document within just a few keystrokes and our unique in page login.

To engage WebEdit the user simply has to press the escape key 3 times on the page they wish to edit and login using their own secure email address and password.

Once logged in the editable portions of the web page are surrounded in red dotted borders and become editable right within the browser window itself. This is made possible via our unique WYSIWYG Editor.

A popout toolbar is also displayed which provides common word processing functions such as Bold, Italic, underlined, Bullets, Links and so on.

When altered the web content can be saved directly to the world wide web with just one click of the Save button. No uploading files or text via FTP...everything happens online in an instant!

An Image Manager is provided so that the website administrators can set-up a central stock of images for use on their website. These images can then be inserted into any of the editable areas of any web page on their website with just a few clicks.

The Image Manager also provides support for adding fancy borders, image resizing and accurate alignment for controlling image placement along side text.

WebEdit also offers a central File Manager which allows you to keep all of your online documents in one place. Documents uploaded to this area can then be linked to from any of the editable content blocks on your website by way of a textual hyperlink.

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