Web Designers Toolkit v1.0.63.01

Web Designers Toolkit includes a group of script authoring tools into one software. Some of them are winning-award tools. With this easy-to-use web authoring toolkit, you can draft, design, develop and deploy scripts to Web sites and Web projects. The scripts include menu, navigation, calendar, text scroller, search engine, date and time, clock, pop-up window, mouse trailer, etc.
Web Designers Toolkit provides well-designed configuration interface to configure scripts. These scripts can be customized highly. You can specify various options by simply several clicks. You don't need to write any complex codes. Only basic HTML knowledge is required.

Scripts included:
- JavaScript Background Fader
- JavaScript BounceText Effect
- JavaScript BubbleText Effect
- JavaScript Calendar
- JavaScript Clock
- JavaScript CircleText Trailer
- JavaScript ContextMenu
- JavaScript DropDown Menu Builder
- JavaScript FadeIn SlideShow
- JavaScript FadeNews
- JavaScript Flirty Text Effect
- JavaScript Glide Navigation Ex
- JavaScript Glowing Text Effect
- JavaScript Headline
- JavaScript Horizontal Image Slider Ex
- JavaScript IEFavorite Installer
- JavaScript MagicWand Trailer
- JavaScript Matrix Background
- JavaScript Menu Builder
- JavaScript Menu Builder GOLD Ex
- JavaScript Menu Builder Platinum
- JavaScript Menu Builder Titanium Ex
- JavaScript NavBar Builder
- JavaScript NeonLights Text Effect
- JavaScript Newsflash
- JavaScript Newsflash Composer LITE
- JavaScript Newsflash Composer PRO
- JavaScript NoRightClick Msg Box Ver.
- JavaScript NSSideBar Installer
- JavaScript Nudging Text Effect
- JavaScript Outline Builder
- JavaScript Page Opener
- JavaScript Page Preloader
- JavaScript PopUpMenu Builder
- JavaScript PopupTip Builder
- JavaScript PopWinEx
- JavaScript ProgressBarClock
- JavaScript RSS News Ticker Plus
- JavaScript ScrollBar Fader
- JavaScript SlideMenu
- JavaScript SlideToolTip
- JavaScript StarField Background
- JavaScript TitleRotation Installer
- JavaScript TitleTimer
- JavaScript TopJumper
- JavaScript Vertical Image Slider
- JavaScript WaveText Effect
- JavaScript WipeOut Text Effect
- Applet FloatingMenu Builder
- Applet Glide Navigation
- Applet Glide Navigation Pro
- Applet HorizontalBarChart
- Applet HScrollMenu Builder
- Applet Menu Builder
- Applet Menu Builder GOLD
- Applet MenuBar Builder
- Applet MultiLayer TextScroller
- Applet Newsflash Composer
- Applet Outline Builder
- Applet PopupMenu Builder
- Applet Site Content Searcher
- Applet TreeMenu Builder
- Applet VerticalBarChart

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