Unqlite v1.1.6

UnQLite uses both document and key-value pair storage principles, mixing technologies usually found in MongoDB, Redis, LevelDB, Berkeley DB and CouchDB into one single data storage solution.
Following NoSQL big-data tables principles established by companies like Facebook and Google, UnQLite is the solution for developers that don't wanna deal with the overhead of choosing one of the aforementioned DB systems and solely want a lightweight solution for their problem.
The UnQlite source is contained in one single library and can be easily embedded anywhere it's needed. Here are some key features of "UnQLite":
· Works with no server technology behind it
· NoSQL engine
· ACID transaction support
· Easy to install and configure
· No dependencies
· Key/Value storage
· Document store (JSON files)
· Terabyte sized databases
· Pluggable runtime
· Can work on-disk and in-memory databases
· Thread safe
· Full re-entrancy
· Easy to use programmatic API
· Does not use temporary files
· Cross-platform file format
· Cross-platform tested

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