Ultimate Poll Software

ULTIMATE POLL SOFTWARE allows you to create polls on your web site in under an hour.


Create Fully Customizable Polls
Customize EVERY aspect of the poll, including the question, answers, style, fonts, behavior, and images used the graphs -- even upload your own.

Poll Scheduling Makes Administration Easy
Use page zones and the new schedule feature to set start and end dates for every poll. Automatically update the poll on your site without any additional coding.

Track Results in Real-time
Track the number of times a poll was viewed and responded to. View response details including IP address, page answered on, and time/date.

Open Source Code
This application includes the full source code (Microsoft Active Server Pages). This allows you to integrate or extend the application to your heart's content.

- Visual web-browser based poll designer
- Create unlimited web based polls 
- Collect unlimited votes 
- Fully configurable settings, set through the web 
- Full ASP source code included 
- Support for Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access
- Simple web browser based installation
- Fully configurable settings, set through the web
- Create scored surveys (using point values for each question/answer)
- Display message based on score
- Randomize answer order (to prevent bias)
- Allow the user to leave & continue later
- Email survey results to any valid email address
- Allow respondent to receive a copy of their survey response
- Response time tracker
- Advanced web-based data cleanup
- Specify number of columns for answers to checkbox type questions

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