Ultimate Helpdesk Basic

Ultimate HelpDesk Basic is a complete help desk and issue tracking application that has enough features to meet the demands of a small business or a large corporation.

Ultimate HelpDesk Basic is simple to install and can easily be configured to include custom fields on the ticket form enabling you to collect customer specific data.

Your own online support center!

Thanks to its web based structure, Ultimate HelpDesk Basic can be used on your web site or within a company intranet. Streamline communications between your companies support department and the end users by giving them the level of support they require and deserve.

With a central location to enter and manage all support issues, users will gain confidence in your companies support department knowing their issues won't be lost via a complicated telephony system or a string of unthreaded emails.

Ultimate HelpDesk Basic key features
- 100% web based - no components to install
- Powerful administration console
- Multiple departments
- Ticketing system - add, update and close tickets
- Complete ticket history
- Automated email alerts
- Automatic ticket creation from POP3 emails
- File attachments
- Knowledge base
- Easy language translation
- Extremely affordable

Ticket System Module
- Ticket Numbering: Unique numbers are assigned to each ticket.
- User Submitted Tickets: Customers use a simple form with a WYSIWYG editor to submit tickets.
- Staff Submitted Tickets: Staff also have the option of being able to submit a support ticket on behalf of a customer.
- File Attachments: Customers and staff can attach images, files and documents to submitted support tickets.
- Ticket History: Staff can view the complete history for every ticket submitted.
- Ticket Progress: Customers can view the progress details for every ticket submitted.
- Re-Open Tickets: Closed tickets can be re-opened by staff instead of opening a new ticket.
- Ticket Priority: Customers can submit tickets as Low, Medium, High or Very Urgent priority.
- Ticket Ownership: Staff can either claim ownership of a ticket or choose to assign it to a different member of staff.
- Ticket Subscription: Staff can subscribe to a ticket and receive any Automatic ticket creation from POP3 emails.
- Internal Comments: Option  to add internal comments to tickets which only the staff will see.
- Ticket Search: Search facility for submitted tickets.
- POP3 Email: Support tickets sent via email can automatically be turned into a new support tickets.
- POP3 Email Task Scheduling: Ability to run the POP3 Email via a scheduled task.
Knowledge Base Module
- Article Approval Process: Articles added to the knowledge base need to be approved before customers can see them.
- Unlimited Categories: No limit to the number of categories that can be added the knowledge base.
- Unlimited Articles: No limit to the number of articles that can be added to the knowledge base.
- Knowledge Base Search: Customers can quickly and easily search the knowledge base.
- Top Searched Articles: Customers can quickly see what articles have been searched for the most.
Email Notification Module
- Email Components: Support for CDONTS, CDOSYS, JMail, ASPMail and Persists email components.
- New Ticket Notifications: Automatic email notifications sent to customer and staff when a new support ticket is submitted.
- Updated Ticket Notifications: Automatic email notifications sent to customer and staff when an update is made to a support ticket.
- Closed Ticket Notifications: Automatic email notifications sent to customer and staff when a support ticket is closed.
- Lost Password Notification: Customers can request their password to submitted to them via email.
- Department Notifications: Ticket notifications are sent to Departmental email addresses if Department Checking is enabled.
- Subscription Notifications: Staff members subscribed to a support ticket will receive email notifications when updates are submitted.
Communications Module
- Internal Messages: Send and receive internal messages between staff members.
- Group Email: Send emails to a group of customers and/or staff.
- POP3 Email: Monitor for incoming email messages to be converted into new support tickets.
- Calendar: Add/edit/delete calendar entries and define them as public or private.
User Management Module
- Manage User Profiles: Customers and staff can make changes to their profiles in order to keep data up-to-date..
- Manage Staff Profile: Admin members can manage sensitive date and select what departments staff are assigned to.
- New User Registration: Unregistered users can submit a form to become a new member.
Administration Module
- Department Checking: Enable department checking and assign specific email addresses for the departments to receive ticket notifications.
- New User Verification: Option for new customers to be verified first before allowing access to the HelpDesk.
- Allow Guest Login: Allow unregistered users to be able to submit support tickets as a guest.
- Allowed Attachments: Define the allowed extensions of files that can be attached to a support ticket.
- Login Page Welcome Note: Set the welcome note users will see on the Login page.
- Welcome Page Note: Set the welcome note users will see after logging into the HelpDesk.
- Email Notification Setup: Configure the POP3 Email settings and define the main support email address.
- Downloads Manager: Create categories and upload files for customers to access and download.
- Reports: Generate reports, export them to Excel or save report configurations to re-use..
- Logging: View and search the log files.
- Help Content: Configure the help information that will be displayed to customers.
- Ticket Display Fields: Add custom fields that will be displayed on the support ticket form.
- Language Translations: Add new languages and translate the words displayed within the HelpDesk.
- User/Staff Fields: Add custom fields that will be displayed on the user profile form.
- Staff Email Content: Define the content of the email notifications which the staff will receive.
- User Email Content: Define the content of the email notifications which the users will receive.
- Backup Database: Backup and compact the databases.
- Allowed Domains Name List: Maintain a list of allowed domains for which POP3 Emails can be received from.

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