Tracks v2.2.1

Works on any platform that can run Ruby and RoR. Here are some key features of "Tracks":
· Flexible views for actions
· Tagging and starring
· Quick and easy adding of new actions
· Multiple lists
· User preferences
· Measure progress
· RSS feeds
· Stats page
· Great API
· Multiple users
· Built-in web server (WEBrick)
· Ruby 1.8.7 or higher
What's New in This Release:
· Redesign of the completed todos: a new overview page. Also all context and project pages have a link to their completed actions
· New locales (es by Ignacio Ihuerta, fr by Antonin Blanc, cz by Pavel Zupa and he by Damian Shalev) and updated locales (de, nl)
· You can star an action right from the form for adding a new action
· Redesign of preferences page
· You can now mark an action complete from the tickler
· Project names can now contain comma (‘,’) in it name
· Context view now shows hidden and pending actions
· Mobile improvements (we now require some javascript support on the mobile)
· Two extra defer periods in the context menu of an action 10.

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