Test Builder

Test Builder is a online testing package created to offer tests through your web site. It is designed to be a easy testing solution. The code is written in ASP and it uses a Access database to store its data. With a little modification you could also use MS SQL, MySQL or other database to store data in.

Once installed on your server, anyone that knows how to use a web browser (and knows the admin user name/password) can Add, Delete, Edit Tests, Questions, and Users. Tests can be given without users being logged in, as the sample tests above are done. You can also set up the tests to be taken after a user logs in.

Test Builder is a online testing software designed in ASP to administer tests on your web site. Test Builder can be obtained in two different ways.
- A free scaled down version of code to download (Please note the code is written in ASP and needs a IIS web server to run). This is free to use. If you desire, you can buy the full version of Test Builder code for $49.95. Please see main page for use restrictions.
- Test Builder Hosting. I will run a copy of Test Builder on my server that you can use. You will have full admin rights to add, delete, modify tests and questions and add your own users and track their test scores. You can have it hosted under my domain name or your own domain name. Cost is $49.95 which includes setup of the site using one of my own domain names. (Using your own domain name requires you to set up Name and DNS. I can do this for you for a small fee, if you do not know how to do so.) After the first month hosting will be $5 for personal sites or $10 for business sites.
I am always trying to improve Test Builder and the options available in it. The following list has most of the current options in code.
- Add, edit, delete questions
- Add, edit, delete tests
- Add, edit, delete users
- View high scores based on test name
- One page, all questions test (this is also the only test option on free test)
- Singe answer, multiple choice
- Multiple answer, multiple choice
- All questions given in order entered
- Printable test
- Printable answer sheet

- One page per question
- Singe answer, multiple choice
- Multiple answer, multiple choice
- Fill in the blank/short answer questions
- Pictures as questions or answers
- All questions or a set number of questions
- Random question order
- Random answer order
- Record high test scores

- Test Login by email or user name
- Email test results (user, both admin/user)
- Password recovery by email
- Notification of missed questions
- Separate score by categories on tests with multiple categories

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