Teraway Livehelp v2.0

Deliver real time live customer support on your web site!

TERAWAY LiveHelp is a live customer support software for your site that enables visitors to communicate with your sales representatives in real time through web based chat.

By delivering live support your site visitors don´t have to leave your web site, or wait for an email reply to get answers to their questions, they just click a live help button and are connected with one of your customer service representatives.

Your company representative then assists the visitor by providing information, links, graphics, or even guiding the customer through your web site. TERAWAY LiveHelp is the perfect Live person alternative at a fraction of the cost!
- Communicate with your customers instantaneously in real time!
- Respond to customer inquiries at any time
- Add value to your existing customer service and products
- Increase sale conversion rates
- Increase revenues and reduce costs
- Completely web based! Access TERAWAY LiveHelp from anywhere in the world.
- It pays by itself. Experience the benefits of closing more sales through one-on-one support
Key Features
- Easy-to-use Windows XP like User Interface
- Entirely web based, you don't need to install any additional software. Use the application from anywhere with web access!
- NOT A HOSTED SOLUTION!, You receive the full application to install under your own site and domain, there are no monthly fees!
- Web-based monitor for tracking incoming requests.
- Proactively invite your visitors to chat. Pull clients and increase your sales
- Track your site visitors in real-time.
- Register as many representatives and departments as you want. No need for additional licenses
- Easily display the Live Help button on any page by just pasting a single line of code.
- Add any number of automated replies and commands, push images, messages and URL's by just selecting a command from a list box!
- Your support calls are evenly distributed among your representatives.
- Set how many requests each of your live support representatives can handle.
- Transfer calls to any other department with just a click.
- If live help is unavailable, the user is prompted to leave a message.
- Offline/Online Status Icons. Your customers will immediately know whether you're on-line or offline.
- Save chat transcripts to the system database for later reviewal.

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