Teraway Linktracker v1.0

Teraway LinkTracker is the new professional link tracking system designed to give you absolute control over your links on and off your website.
Learn how to track every banner, every link, and every purchase - find out which ads and promotions are making you money, and which ones aren't. Track your ROI (Return on Investment) and maximize your online profits today!
Need to easily track your site referrals and affiliates, your internet visitors, your e-mail campaigns?, LikeTracker will track effectively every click and conversion on your web site!

With the Teraway LinkTracker, you’ll be able to see who is sending you traffic and clicking on your links. All you need to do is register your links in the easy-to-use and ergonomical administration panel, and use the special link generated for you.

This new link, will keep track on how many times it is clicked, the date, IP and page where the link was clicked from, this works great if you pay for advertising on someone else's webpage. Now you can see how many clicks you get for your money!

Key Features
The Teraway LinkTracker system comes packed with everything you need to track your visitors’ clicks and advertising campaigns. Here are just some of the features we’ve packed into this powerful system:
- Not a hosted solution - Teraway LinkTrackers runs on your own server under your own domain.
- 100% Active Server Pages (ASP) script; there are no DLLs to install on the server and you can fully customize the code to suit your needs.
- Both Microsoft Access and SQL Server databases supported. Easily scale your system with no additional cost (at least, not from us).
- User-friendly, web-based interface to administer the system from anywhere in the world. No matter if you’re out of the office, on a business trip or at home, all you need is a web browser and an Internet connection!
- Effortlessly track and record an unlimited number of hits and click-thru's from an unlimited number of campaigns.
- Effortlessly track your affiliate marketing campaigns.
- Track both total and unique clicks for each link.
- Unlimited Categories. You can order and group your links in categories and generate independent reports for each category.
- Referral Page Tracking. LinkTracker will capture the referring URL. This data reveals the source of the click. See who are referring you the most traffic or sales!
- CPC Data - Set cost per click (CPC) value and choose whether the cost calculation should be based on unique or total clicks.
- Conversion Tracking - Track the conversions (sign-up, sale or lead) leading from your links click. You can even set the duration for which the conversion will be tracked after the click originates. For example, if a promotion lasts for 7 days after the user visits the website, it is useful to track the conversions for the next 7 days only to evaluate the effect of the promotion.
- Detailed Reports and Stats – Get reports for your total clicks, unique clicks and conversions for your links and categories.
- Graphical chart comparison – Graphically compare all your links clicks, unique clicks and conversions.
- Multiple Users Support – You can have multiple users to set and administer the links of your system. You can even set whether or not they can create / modify categories and links
- Stats timeframe – Set how long your logs should be kept on the system database.

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