The TemplateMailer system easily sends email from web pages and applications faster then ever before.

TemplateMailer merges form information, file uploads as attachments with template text files to easily send formatted Text and HTML emails, personalized AutoResponse messages, personalized Confirmation/Thank you screens, log files in CSV, Microsoft Excel or XML format or even immediately insert data into database programs like Microsoft Access, mySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.
If you can type in NotePad, you can send personalized emails in minutes with TemplateMailer.
.NET developers no longer have to recompile to update the format of an email message, confirmation screen, change email recipients or mail servers. They can simply drop and drag the TemplateMailer server control and it’s ready to go.

- Detects all form fields and values sent by any HTML form as well as ASP.NET controls including ASP.NET child controls.
- Conveniently send Text and/or HTML emails with contents of all form fields based upon easy to update text files.
- Dynamically upload multiple files and have included as attachments within the email.
- Send customized and personalized Text and/or HTML AutoResponses and merges form fields with them.
- Provide a custom HTML thank you or confirmation message based upon text file template or redirect to a separate web page.
- Send form field values quickly to any OLE or SQL server connection using standard SQL statements or a stored procedure using the DSN and SQLString properties of the Server Control.
- Write form variables easily to a separate log file in countless formats including XML, comma-delimited, tab-delimited, Microsoft Excel and others.
- Easily integrates with many broadcast email applications to enhanced personalized, templated email messages.
- Includes support to specify up to three SMTP mail servers for quick and easy failover in case the primary SMTP server fails to respond.
- Include delimited list of form variables with the email template or as an attachment for easy merging with desktop CRM and Contact Management software including ACT, Goldmine, CRM2005 and others.
- Easily integrates with ASP.NET, FrontPage, Flash, CMS software applications, Cold Fusion, Dreamweaver, ASP, PERL, plain HTML and virtually any other programming language.
- Drag and drop Server Control available for VisualStudio.net and Web Matrix.
- Is your web site written in HTML, Frontpage, Cold Fustion, ASP or some other language? Do you want to receive emails securely from your web site without learning to program? The TemplateMailer WebDelivery service is easy to use and is included FREE. Send mail from virtually any web page regardless of the programming language including HTML, FrontPage, DreamWeaver, Flash, ASP, .NET and many others. No programming required. Just install and you're ready to go.
- .NET Developers, this does NOT use System.Web.Mail. All emailing is handled within the TemplateMailer system. Includes support for mail servers requiring SMTP authentication.
- Are you currently using a Content management system to update your web site. With TemplateMailer you can now build forms, surveys and request pages easily within your existing content management solution and TemplateMailer will handle all the emailing, logging, attachments, inserting into databases and auto responses for you.
- No programming required

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