Tagger vv1.1

Users can write keywords in an input field, and it will automatically be added to a list below.
It supports adding a series of terms, separated by a comma.
Each of them will be interpreted as one.
A working demo is included with the download package. Here are some key features of "Tagger":
· Extends the jQuery object for ".tagger" elements
· Turns an input field with class "tagger" into a multiple tag field
· Adds hidden input fields for each tag
· Specifically designed to work with existing forms
· Lightweight and adds no extra markup or styles to existing elements
· Adds only two new elements: a UL for the tag list and an Add button
· Add as many tagger elements as you like to a page. They will all play nice together
· Will prevent the form from submitting on pressing return in the tag field
· Parses multiple tags from comma separated input
· Strips bad characters, leading and trailing whitespace
· Has a public method to add tags with JavaScript
· JavaScript enabled on client side
· jQuery JavaScript Library

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