Sysdb v0.2

SysDB is a tool for synchronizing XML Files (based on XML Schema) and a Relational Database. XML files are stored and managed in the database.
When the XML file change, only changes are added on the Database and all versions can be retrieved from the database.
The structure of the database is completely dependent of the XML Schema which describes the XML files.
The database schema is automatically synchronized with the XML Schema, keeping the database management as simple as possible. When the XML Schema changes, there is no need to create another database. Database Tables and Column are updated to encompass new XML elements.
Sysalys is developing modelisation tools for System Engineering. Since our internal format is based on XML Schema, we have searched a tool to synchronize our data with a relational Database. But, if there is a large amount of tools, no one was able to do what we need:
    * Relatively large XML files,
    * Based on XML Schema (There are many tools based only on DTD format)
    * The XML output should be as close as possible from the input XML format (avoid all marshalling/unmarshalling operation)
    * Manage change with the smallest granularity.
    * Manage non UTF-8 encoding.Manage multiple Schema files.
    * Manage recursive element definitions

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