Stylequiz v1.0

You can create and add StyleQuiz into your site within 10 minutes. It's easy! No need for programming in ASP.

This online test can be modified to suit company or academic needs. Develop tests, quizzes, assessments or evaluations to help you create the following:
- customer satisfaction surveys
- online employee suggestion box
- student evaluation for online courses
- web-based entertaining/learning games
This is an ASP quiz application developed to integrate into any webpage easily. Unlike other quiz applications, this script offers new, additional features.

It includes:
- Dynamic generation of quizzes. No need for form designing or programming.
- Administration for quiz creation. The administrator can create quizzes with 15 questions and 2 to 5 possible answers on each question.
- Any number of quizzes can be created and the last quiz created will be enabled automatically.
- The quiz will be generated instantly just by cutting and pasting the code from a single ASP file into the desired location of your HTML file within your site.
- Session cookie settings restrict the user from taking the quiz more than once.
- There is a DSN connection to the database.

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