Statomatic v3.3

Statomatic is a real-time web site traffic analysis software. It provides detailed web site statistics through dozens of on-demand, must-have reports with interactive pie charts and graphs.

Its easy to use web based interface allows you to monitor your web site's traffic and track your visitors in real time from any browser. These reports not only provide a complete overview of visitors behavior, but they are also a great guide for improving your web site's performance and effectivness.

Statomatic is a real-time web site traffic analysis software, written in C for optimal performance. Ease of use, speed, and compehensive representation of data is what our customers say they like the most about our product. Statomatic is fully configurable and can run with or without server log files of any format, on any web server (IIS, Apache, etc.). After parsing server log file Statomatic generates very small log files in its own format, that contain complete information for each day for use in summary reports. Summary reports can be requested for any time period, not just specific weeks or months like in most other stats programs.

The program is very easy to use because of its simple and intuitive interface. When you need to get more information about a particular menu or report, simply click on the question mark icon in the top right corner, and it will open a help file with an additional info about it.

For convenience, Statomatic has several predefined reports in easy-to-access drop down menu. These reports include: Current or Previous Day, Week, Month, and Year. Just select any option, click, and you will get a detailed summary of your site's activity for that time period. Short Summary option will display basic stats for all days from when the program was first installed. It requires very little RAM and CPU time. Use Long Summary for a more complete summary report. The program also allows you to get a summary report for any time period, just select the desired time frame using the drop down boxes. It is a great feature for determining whether or not your current strategy to bring more visitors is paying off, or if the previous strategy worked better and if so, why it did.

To display graphs and pie-charts Statomatic is using StatOGraph - an interactive Java applet written by Michael Ivanov. Only 28Kb in size, it provides up to 8 graphs and 3D pie-charts. All java graphs and java pie-charts are crisp and sharp and are generated on the fly, which means they do not take up the hard drive space like regular GIFs or JPEGs. Also, the applet is interactive and provides you with an extra information about any particular part of a graph or a pie chart, just place your cursor over the area of interest; displaying this much information with static images, used by other stats packages, is nearly impossible.

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