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  • Tsql Encryption Tea, Rc4, Vigenere, Caesar, Xor

    These encryption functions and procedures will protect database fields using complex and widely used data protection methods. Here are some key features of "TSQL Encryption TEA, RC4, Vigenere, Caesar, XOR":Algorithms:· XOR· XOR8· TEA (

  • T-sql Implementation Of Skipjack Algorithm

    Can be used only for educational and testing purposes, but a commercial license is available for the script as well.

  • Sqlcrypto And Xlsure Encryption Utilities

    It combines encryption and salted hashes to use in authentication.

  • Rc4 Stored Proc Functions

    The procedure's speed can be improved by pre-generating and storing key state tables.It returns encrypted/decrypted data strings.

  • Lockdown_disable_guest.sql

    The procedure can be batched on several databases at once.It closes a security hole where a login potentially can read data from a database they should not have access in the first place.

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