• Biosql 1.0.1

    The project is a collaboration between the BioPerl, BioPython, BioRuby and BioJava projects, to provide a common database schema for their bio knowledge-base.The core schema supports RDBMs like MySQL, Oracle, HSQLDB, PostgreSQL and Apache Derby. What

  • Function Formats Number 1000 To Alphanumeric 1.000

    Numbers like '123456789' will be transformed into '123.456.789'.

  • Formatting Numbers In Sql Server

    A number like '123456789' will be converted to '123.456.789'.

  • Format Number

    A number like '123456789.0' will be rendered like '123,456,789.0'.The user has the possibility to replace the comman character with his own desired character.

  • Format Integer Strings

    It can be applied to the entire database and will convert a number format from "123456.78" to "123,456.78".The procedure is recommended for finnacial data, especially currency information, where large sums may be involved.The human readable form will

  • Count Integer Places & Count Fractional Places

    Integer places are to the left of a decimal point, while the fractional (decimal) places are to the right.The package consists of two scripts. One for the decimal and one for the integer places.

  • Compute Product Of Values

    The stored procedure has little practical usage, but can be used for learning purposes.

  • Base Conversion N To 10

    The procedure can be used in number manipulation or math tools.

  • Base Conversion 10 To N

    It supports conversions for a base range from 2 to 36.The base limit is imposed by the number of available characters for numbers.The entire character set is "0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ".

  • Arabic To Roman

    The maximum number it can transform is 4999.

  • Procedure To Calc Miles Distance From Two Points On Earth

    It will take as input longitude and latitude coordinates on Earth and output the distance in miles.Distances are calculated in a straight line from each other.

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