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  • Pg Partition Manager 1.1.0

    PG Partition Manager (or pg_partman) can handle both time-based and serial-based partitions, and is a recommended tool for dealing with large data structures.The pg_partman extension will simply split large tables into smaller pieces, for easier proc

  • Pg_jobmon 1.1.1

    pj_jobmon allows database administrators to easily follow database operations and check out how one or more functions behave.When dealing with a job failure or other error, pj_jobmon logs everything to that point and does not miss messages or details

  • Geobaza 13.03

    It simpler terms, Geobaza converts an IP address into a geographical coordinate.Geobaza is distributed as a database binary file, database in CSV format, and with open-source APIs for different programming languages.Demos and use cases for PHP 4, C a

  • Pl/json 1.0.4

    JSON is a light-weight, language independent, data interchange format. The PL/SQL object syntax allows developers to create a JSON objects and then add data to it.This includes members, arrays and additional JSON objects.The object type can persisten

  • Librairie-json 1.1

    JSON is a light-weight, language independent, data interchange format. Here are some key features of "Librairie-JSON":· Create and manipulate JSON objects· Add attributes and array to a JSON object· Convert from JSON to string· Co

  • Zip Code Database Apr 24 2010

    For every ZIP code, the database also holds information about its city, state, latitude and longitude coordinates.The ZIP code data was collected from the Google Maps service.

  • World Db Alpha

    For every country, there are details about its geographical position, counties, cities and their respective coordinates as well. The package contains a MySQL file holding table info with all of the above.Just import it in a live database where geo-lo

  • Udf_infusion

    Binary settings functions from store small numbers in big ones are implemented in the infusion UDF.The enhancement UDF implements extra functionality in the MySQL core. Here are some key features of "udf_infusion":New functions for MySQL:· isbit

  • Sql Detect And Or Delete Dups v1.0

    It reports duplicate rows and deletes the second instance of a row.Usage instructions are provided in the header of the script itself as comments. What's New in This Release: · Added logic to auto-detect RowGUID and Identity columns.· Added

  • Sp_base64encodestr

    It uses an ActiveX DLL called AspConv, provided in AspLib, to encode text with Base64 encoding.The object must be registered on the database server.Not to be confused with the web server/client/ or application server.

  • Sp_getchardatalengthanalysis

    After all operations, it provides an efficiency rating for that column.It was designed for user databases to scan character definded columns.More details can be found in the procedures header and source comments. Here are some key features of "sp_Get

  • Shrink Log Files Immediately

    Just run the procedure on the database that needs its logs to be reduced.

  • Shrink All User Database

    Can be used to reduce disk size usage and optimize the database.

  • Move Tempdb

    The temporary database, named 'tempdb' is a special case in MS-SQL for two reasons.It can't be backed up and it can't be recreated by importing in the data.The procedure will move it in another location where it can be easily managed.

  • Get Sql Table Size - Table And Index Space - Row Count

    Returned disk space is presented as the amount used by data, by indexes and amount of unused space.

  • Find And Remove Dupesfind And Remove Dupes

    The first instance of a duplicate is kept, while all other duplicates are deleted from the database table.

  • Deleting Duplicate Rows

    The code is column-oriented, being applied on duplicate values occurring in a specified column.After taking notice of duplicate records, it deletes the values of the rows corresponding to that column.

  • Validate Sa Id Number

    The procedure returns a string saying if the ID number is valid or not.

  • Wipmania Worldip Database 25 May 2011

    The files come in TXT, CIDR, SQL and Iptables format.The database is well-maintained and updated regularly every two months. What's New in This Release: · Added or changed 8140 networks.· 100.749.550 IP addresses changed.· Total 91423

  • Sql Server Number Of Connections

    It outputs the current number of active connections on the developer's running server. Limitations:· The results are per server, not per database or table.

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