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  • Timezonedb 26 Mar, 2014

    TimeZoneDB basically offers a free to use database containing information about:City nameCountry nameTimezoneAbbreviationGMT offsetDaylight Saving Time (DST)These details can be used by programmers to adjust their application accordingly to the user'

  • Timezone Database

    The database includes all timestamps of daylight saving time (DST) as well. Usage instructions and an online API (with examples) can be found here. Here are some key features of "Timezone database":· fips_regions - World regions by country using

  • Return Number Of Business Days

    The procedure will take the start date, incrementing the current day until the end of the month.It will return a count of the number of busness days (week days) till the end of that month.For the number of business days in a month, enter the first da

  • Cursor Days Of The Week

    It will go through the days of a week, printing the date of each Monday, Tuesday, etc. for every loop.It can be used to show the future dates for upcoming weekdays/weekends.

  • Fn_getdatefromintegerdate

    The script is only useful in places where date values are being stored in integer values.The script returns a formatted date string, based on the inputted integer values.Example:24155 will be converted to 2-19-1966 Here are some key features of "fn_G

  • Fn_calculateagefromint

    The minimum input date is 1900-01-01 00:00:000.

  • Custom Time Format

    After creating the column it then verifies the validity of the data using the CHECK constraint.

  • Zulu Datetime Converter For Daylight Savings Time

    It first checks to see if the date format is in DST (Daylight Savings Time), and then compares the ZULU date and time value to see if it fits.If not, it will add or subtract from the date and time value to correct it.The Zulu datetime value format mu

  • Validate Date

    It will return Y or N if the date satisfies the condition.

  • Utc Convert Time Function

    It needs as input a date in Greenwich format. Requirements:· Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or higher

  • Timeadd

    It handles similar to the classic SQL server, DATEADD function.

  • Strip The Time Off A Sql Server Datetime Variable

    The output data of the script can be used in any way desired.

  • Strip Out Weekend Dates

    In combination with other scripts it can also strip out or manage those dates.

  • Sqlelaptimecalc

    It returns the hours, minutes and seconds in a new field named Elap_time.It suports a 24 hour change and it calculates time lapses up to 23:59:59.999 of duration.

  • Sp_fixedstring_to_datetime

    A format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS is converted to a datetime variable.It's a fixed-string to datetime conversion.The developer can change it to other fixed length formats quite easily.

  • Round Time

    The time is rounded to the nearest hour, half hour or quarter hour.

  • Oracle Sql Time

    The HH:MM:SS format is changed to HH:MM am/pm.

  • Datetoiso

    YYYY-MM-DD is the standard format.This function can be used inline.

  • Convert Timestamp Values To Numeric

    The SQL script will convert TIMESTAMP values to numeric values.

  • Calproc.sql

    This SQL script creates a 12 month calendar for any given year.

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