Spd E-letter v4.0

The Spd E-Letter is a complete Newsletter Management system for any website, extranet, or company designed to increase revenue by driving customers back to your website.


Application Benefits

This application was developed using ASP VBScript 3.0. That means it's fast, reliable, and guaranteed to get the job done.

Database Support
Both Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server are supported.
Free Support
PensaWorks has made every effort to provide the easiest to use and most powerful Newsletter Management system available. However, should you ever need support, it's free for 30 days!

Web Based System
This application is an entirely web based system that integrates seamlessly with your website.

No Extra DLLs or components required
The Spd E-Letter does not require any special Components (DLLs), other than one of the 6 supported mailer programs. That means it's perfect for use in a shared hosting environment.

Easy, Automated Installation
The installation process is extremely easy and automated. Everything is taken care of for you and the entire process takes on average of 3-4 minutes.

Administrator Benefits

Restrict Admins to Specific Lists
With the Developer's License, you can restrict administrators to specific lists. This keeps your data segmented, and controls who accesses it.
Diagnostic Tools
With Spd E-Letter, the true and original mailer program test is included. This allows you to test your settings quickly and easily to make sure everything is setup properly. Eliminate the guess work!
Subscriber Import & Export
Migrating from another application? Want to integrate with a different application (cart, co-registration, print campaign)? Multiple import & export modules allow you to manipulate the data in anyway you want.

Large List Support
The Spd E-Letter can handle an unlimited amount of subscribers. The Newsletter Broadcasting system was developed with large lists in mind and best of all, you don't pay for every email sent out like most services do.

5 Navigation styles to choose from
The Spd E-Letter is simple and easy to use all by itself. We went one step further and gave each user their choice of 5 different navigation styles. Each navigation style is user specific so you're not forced to use what everyone else uses.

Double Opt-in & Double Opt-out functionality
To provide even greater flexibility, the Spd E-Letter now features double opt-in and double opt-out support. By enabling the double opt-in feature, potential subscribers are sent an email upon registration that require them to confirm their subscription before they are added to the actual list. Double opt-out is the same concept only applied when a user wishes to unsubscribe.

Resume a Failed Broadcast
You're in the middle of broadcasting a Newsletter when the power goes out. Perhaps your Internet connection died, or the server reboots. Let's face it, it happens. So you log back into the Spd E-Letter and start again where you left off with a few clicks. You will never have to send duplicates out just to reach your whole list or settle for half a list of recipients. Other programs don't offer you this feature, but the Spd E-Letter has it built in.
Newsletter Creation wizard with HTML WYSIWYG tool
Creating your newsletter just got easier! With a wizard based system, it will walk you through the entire process. It also features a "Save & Refresh" command which allows you to save the data periodically, eliminating those annoying timeout problems.
Automation & Tracking Benefits

Automated Newsletter Broadcasting
Your not always around when you want your Newsletter sent off. Why should you be? Simply set the date and time, and let Spd E-Letter handle the rest!
Newsletter Read Tracking for HTML AND Text Subscribers
Track the success of your Newsletter campaigns by knowing how many people are reading them. Simply insert one custom tag in your HTML Newsletters to enable this features. It will also track reads from Text subscribers!
URL Click Through Tracking
When you send out a Newsletter, you usually want people to click on those URLs. With the Spd E-Letter, you can now know how many of those URLs are being clicked on. Reports show you how effective the links were and each subscriber maintains their own click count, giving you more power than ever imagined.
Automated Emails
Automated emails are Newsletters that can be sent to subscribers automatically after they have been subscribed for the number of days you specify. Automated emails have many, many diverse applications.

If you setup a special list for people who place an order on your site, you can have the Spd E-Letter email them a "Questionnaire" after a few weeks to get some feedback. It's automated, so you don't have to spend time manually sending each email.

Maybe you have a series of emails that are designed to teach or give information to someone over a period of days. That series of emails can now be automated! Create and automate your follow-up emails without doing it manually or being forced to remember. Other applications are only limited by imagination!
Subscriber Benefits

Personalized Newsletters
All of your newsletters can be personalized in several ways providing powerful flexibility, and making sure subscribers notice your material. On each newsletter you send out, you can include the subscribers name, email address, format, date subscribed, list name, removal link and current date (in short & long format).

Optional 1 click unsubscribe links
Every newsletter should give a subscriber the ability to unsubscribe at the click of a link. With the Spd E-Letter, it's as easy as adding the line: #unsubscribe#. No muss, no fuss, and the rest is automated.
Newsletter Archive Viewer & Public Subscriber Edit pages
Stop creating your Newsletter archives the hard way! With a few simple steps, you can have an up-to-date and automatic archive viewing system.

Let subscribers manage the format they receive themselves instead of asking you to change it for them. Simply edit one page to add in your site design, set a few variables, and your done. The whole process takes only a few minutes with our easy to use scripts and includes a step-by-step process.
Supports Text & HTML Newsletters
Spd E-Letter provides support for both text-only and HTML newsletters, both in the same list! You choose which format you want subscribers to receive, or allow them to choose themselves... it's all included.

Mail Merge
Have you ever wanted to store additional data for your subscribers and then merge that in to your newsletter? The Spd E-Letter now makes this process easy as adding in a few tags. When creating your newsletters, a list of these available tags is displayed for your convenience.
Custom SQL Statements
With the Spd E-Letter, you can now use any SQL statement you wish to filter out your data. This makes the Spd E-Letter ideal for interfacing with existing systems. Now you can send customized newsletters to users who registered with your forum, placed an order, or any other system you need.
Modules Interface
PensaWorks understands that the Spd E-Letter is not a 100% perfect solution for every newsletter situation. That's why we developed the modules interface. Develop your own scripts and extend the capabilities of the Spd E-Letter. Plus, they integrate into the program with ease. This also allows third parties to release added features without making any changes to the program itself.
Developer Tools
The integration process just got better. A whole set of tools (functions) with instructions on how to use Spd E-Letter is now included. Add subscribers from any contact form, registration system, shopping cart, membership system, demo, or other systems. Spd E-Letter is designed to be easy enough for beginners to understand and extensible enough for the advanced developers.
Co-Branding the Application
If you're a developer wanting to use the Spd E-Letter, then you want some way for your clients to know you are in charge. With the co-branded footer, you can add in whatever graphics or HTML you wish. Let your clients know that their mailing list is "Powered by Your Company".
Completely customizable lists
Each list has its own subscribers and purpose. The Spd E-Letter is flexible and allows each list to have its own unique options. Setup list-specific templates, headers, footers, subscribe and unsubscribe messages, double opt-in and double opt-out messages, and subjects for Text and HTML messages. You're in complete control over what your subscribers read. Requirements:
· IIS 4.0 or higher web server
· One of the supported mailer components:
· CDONTS by Microsoft
· ASPMail by ServerObjects
· ASPQMail by ServerObjects
· SA-SMTP Mail by SoftArtisans
· JMail by Dimac Software
· ASPEmail by Persits Software

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