SPACELIB© is a library for 3D Kinematics and Dynamics of system of rigid bodies. Is currently used in Robotics and Biomechanics.
It is based on an powerfull extension of the 4*4 transformation matrix approach by Denavith and Hartenberg. The present extension adds 4*4 matrices for the velocity and accelerations (angular and linear) plus 4*4 matrices for forces (and torques), momentum (angular and linear) and inertia.
Two versions of the library are available for numeric applications (C-language, MATLAB) and one for symbolic calculation (Maple).
Spacelib is free available for NON profit purposes. Free use includes scientific and educational activities. The use of SPACELIB© should be mentioned in papers reporting work developed with the help of this library. For commercial activities, please contact the author.
The files includes:
- full MATLAB, c-languace, Maple source code 
- full reference manual in pdf format 
- commented application examples
- papers describing the mathematical bases (pdf format).
The topics covered by the library are:
- transformation matrices (rototranslations)
- velocity, acceleration, force, momentum matrices
- Cardan/Euler angles basic operations on matrices, vectors, planes, lines and points linear systems: solutions, (pseudo)inverse of matrices

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