Socialshareprivacy v1.4

The socialshareprivacy jQuery plugin implements a two-click system for sharing content on social networks.
For each of its social sharing buttons, a checkbox is included, which comes checked off by default.
Checking it 'on', will load the button code, replacing the graphic version of the button (which does nothing on its own).
This means the sharing toolkit only loads the sharing code for the buttons the user wants to use only, improving page speed and preventing social networks from tracking which websites an user visits via their social sharing buttons (even if not used).
A feature to enable certain buttons to be enabled on page load is also included.
Here are some key features of "socialshareprivacy":
Supported social sharing buttons:
· Google+
· Facebook
· Twitter
· JavaScript enabled on client side
· jQuery 1.8 o higher
· The plugin's documentation is in German, but nothing that Google Translate can't handle. What's New in This Release:
· Updated Google+ graphics.

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