Slideviewer Cgi

Slideviewer allows you to define a slideshow from a list of predefined images, or by specifying a directory with images in it. Images can be local or remote.

Slideviewer allows you have a vast array of controls for running the slideshow, like: image resizing, random links, slide index, auto advancement of slides, and jumping to a specified slide number. You can make the controls as simple or as complicated as you like
You get complete control of the look of the slideshow through design templates. You can define as many design templates as you like for a different look and feel. Using templates means you don't have to touch any perl code.
Slideviewer has been designed and tested to run Unix and Win/NT systems. It will probably run on other operating systems that support Perl.

Features:- A single script controls everything.
- Next, Previous, Start and End buttons.
- Ability to go forwards or backwards.
- Choice of auto refresh (if your browser supports it) or manual change of slides.
- Automatically works out WIDTH and HEIGHT tags for any image to speed up download time.
- Dynamically resize the images.
- Set a cycle mode to have continious viewing of your show.
- Jump to any slide in the show by specifying the slide number.
- Jump to any slide via a slide index popup window or dropdown index list.
- Jump to a randomily selected slide.
- Easily configurable output formats via design templates.
- Incorporate multi-media objects or java applets in your slideshow.

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